Female-founded VR company Temme Studios premieres its visceral portrait of modern surfing in Virtual Reality in LA as companion pieces to surfings visionary director Taylor Steeles much anticipated new film, Proximity. Temme Studios Proximity VR premieres in LA on July 31st, with an event and installation at Neuehouse Hollywood, sponsored by Gagosian Gallery, and showcasing photographs by Todd Glaser and surfboards created by artist Richard Phillips.

Featuring the most prodigious collection of surfing talent on the planet, from 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater, and current champ John John Florence, to big wave icon Shane Dorian and breakthrough performer Albee Layer, Taylor Steele pairs legends with rising stars as they search for new waves and deeper understanding in exotic destinations. Six-time World Champion, and one of the most vibrant female athletes on the planet, Stephanie Gilmore, radical activist Dave Rastovich, and style master Rob Machado and Craig Anderson complete the cast.

Presented in traditional format as a feature film, Steele, always challenging the norm, invited Temme Studios, founded by his innovative wife Sybil, on the Proximity adventure to produce four Virtual Reality short films to complement and add breadth to Proximitys global film tour. Taylor and I have worked collaboratively for nearly 20 years,” said Sybil Steele, Its fun to see where we can continually merge our skills and create together.

The yin and yang nature of our relationship has allowed us an incredible journey and a diverse range of work in business working for brands across all industries. Proximity VR was an exciting shoot with its fair share of challenges,” said Temme Studios VR tech Jeremy Donohoe. Our team was forced to approach its tasks in new and different ways, like customizing the VR rigs to shoot surf from 3rd person perspectives, which allowed for the athletes to ride the waves dynamically and as naturally as possible, while also reducing viewers nausea through the VR headsets. Both the feature and VR films were produced in collaboration with Teton Gravity Research and Garage Productions.

To attend the premiere event on July 31st at NeueHouse Hollywood, please contact Christina Hild (christina@temmemedia.com) with Temme Studios. View Proximity VR trailer. ### About Temme Studios Temme Studios is a high-end production studio that uses Cinematic Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and emerging technology content to revolutionize how audiences engage with brands. With over 3 years in VR/360 content production experience in fashion, travel, social good, sports, music and the arts, the team behind Temme has built up an impressive global network and strategic partnerships, and has worked with clients such as Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, Elle Magazine, Shangri-La, Visa, Virgin, V Magazine, artist Richard Phillips, Gagosian Gallery, Elizabeth Arden, Aston Martin and more. Visit: www.temmemedia.com Social Media: @temmestudios

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