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Holodexxx’s Riley Reid: Sneak Peek is Now Available on ImagineVR

ImagineVR Inc., the California-based company behind the VR content distribution platform ImagineVR, and Holodexxx, a content creator famous for photo-realistic adult stars in virtual reality, announce the sale of Riley Reid: Sneak Peek, a VR experience where the user can experience a lap-dance by adult star Riley Reid.

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Holodexxx has built a reputation in the VR industry for experiences featuring photorealistic models of adult stars. They achieve this with revolutionary state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, advanced full-body motion capture, and voice-controlled AI systems. Unlike 360 degree video, the user is not confined to just one fixed view point and can interact with the model more naturally. Their team is composed of award-winning video game artists as well as VR game designers. Specialist programmers are part of the team as well and also help contribute to the life-like realism of their immersive erotic experiences.

Holodexxx – Riley Reid: Sneak Peek


About ImagineVR™

ImagineVR™ is a virtual reality content platform (www.imaginevr.io) offering publishing services. In cooperation with Japan’s leading entertainment download shop, DLsite.com. ImagineVR™ offers comprehensive support to creators of all types, to distribute their content within Japan, and throughout the world.

About Holodexxx

Holodexxx is a virtual reality development studio focusing on photorealistic VR experiences involving adult film stars and is composed of a team of award-winning video game artists, VR game designers, and specialist programmers.

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