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3 Industries Virtual Reality is Altering

There are currently two topics in the tech world that are impossible to ignore. One is Pokémon Go, and the other is virtual reality. While there are rumors that the two could merge one day (which might break the internet), it’s VR that is currently gaining the most traction as an industry game-changer.


The Oculus Rift is unquestionably the most well-known VR headset, but since other options have come onto the market, it seems anyone and everyone is getting involved in virtual reality. But what industries will it impact the most? Here’s a look at three that are evolving with the addition of virtual reality.



While not every new accessory thrust into the gaming world has instant success (Nintendo’s Power Glove, we’re looking at you), others are a fantastic innovation and take off overnight (Nintendo redeemed themselves with the Wii Remote). Some might say that video games are immersive enough as they are, but it looks like things will get even more engaging for gamers. PlayStation’s own VR headset has been released to generally favorable reviews, but it’s going to have tough competition from the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


There are already several exciting games and many more coming soon with VR capability, such as Minecraft, Dying Light, GTA V, and of course… Euro Truck Simulator 2? Well, exciting if you love driving trucks. Check out a full list of games available with virtual reality.


Adult entertainment

The use of VR in adult entertainment is another prominent example of the many creative ways the technology is being utilized. Some sites have already been trialing a VR category, but there is a new contender battling for VR supremacy in adult entertainment. Although currently only available to Android users, AliceX is a new website that presents models in live interactive virtual reality in order to further explore the potential of the technology. Whatever your stance on the industry, the addition of VR to adult entertainment seems like a move that is destined for success, as it harnesses new technology to present viewers with a unique experience.



Although the music itself won’t really be affected, the overall live experience of concerts and festivals stand to gain substantially from virtual reality. Coachella handed out Google cardboard headsets within a welcome package for this year’s festival, which, when combined with the official app, allowed access to 360-degree tours of the grounds and exclusive interviews with bands and artists.


Having control over what angle we watch the stage from at filmed concerts is also an exciting prospect for VR. Abi Mandelbaum, CEO of virtual reality production company YouVisit, spoke of the ways VR could be used for live music. “It allows users to engage with artists like they’ve never been able to before,” she said. “In traditional video you have the director who predefines every scene and the order of those individual scenes. Our software platform allows the viewer to be the director.”


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