360 Video Playback On Apple TV World Premiere Using Finwe Ltd. Orion 360 Engine

Exciting news for fourth generation Apple TV owners! This is a video demo from Finwe Ltd. – an immersive content specialist based in Finland. The demo demonstrates 360 VR video playback on the newest Apple TV running on Finwe Ltd. Orion 360 engine. Viewer can interact with the 360 video using Apple TV’s remote touch pad!

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apple tv 4

Main Features:

– Video playback up to 4k resolution
– Advanced mirroring of panoramic content from your smartphone or tablet
– Panning
– Zooming
– Projection change
– Volume control
– Changing videos
– Streaming
– Easy, fast and affordable platform for your VR demonstrations

For more info contact: http://www.finwe.fi


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