3d sound lab3D Sound Labs Announces its Ambisonics to Binaural Plug-in With Real-time Head Tracking

3D Sound Labs, the 3D/VR Audio specialist, is unveiling today its Ambisonics monitoring plug-in at the 141st Audio Engineering Society International Convention in Los Angeles. Together with the 3D Sound One head tracking module, the plug-in will realistically render Ambisonics content over headphones directly from the DAW allowing an immediate feedback during the mixing phase.

Sound engineers and content creators need to be able to listen to their creation while mixing, which can be cumbersome for Virtual Reality and 360° video content. With Ambisonics becoming the leading audio format for 360° video, a key market driver for user generated and recorded VR contents, the new plug-in is perfectly fit for the task.

When used together with one’s favorite Ambisonics panning plug-in, the 3D Sound Lab’s plug-in will also render multichannel content therefore allowing mixing outside of the recording studio.

It provides a binaural rendering of 1st order Ambisonics content and real-time head tracking, for a natural listening with all the elements of the content being placed in 3D space around the listener.

“We are extremely excited to provide 3D and VR content creators with the same audio rendering technology available to end-users in 3D Sound Labs enabled products”, said Dimitri Singer, CEO at 3D Sound Labs. “Monitoring was the missing block of the 3D Audio content creation tool-chain; sound mixing engineers can now accurately monitor their content directly from their workstation.”

Key Features

  • 1st order Ambisonics to binaural audio conversion.
  • HRTF-based spatialization.
  • Supports ACN, SID and FUMA orderings.
  • Supports SN3D and N3D normalizations.
  • Low latency head tracking with 3D Sound One Module.


Availability and Pricing

3D Sound Labs Ambisonics to Binaural plug-in will be available free of charge, in AAX format for Mac OSX, fromNovember 2016, at www.3dsoundlabs.com

About 3D Sound Labs

Founded in January 2014 by entrepreneur Dimitri Singer, consumer electronics specialist Xavier Bonjour and Centrale-Supelec research engineer Renaud Séguier, 3D Sound Labs develops 3D Audio software technologies as well as hardware (headphones and motion tracking modules) to enable immersive and realistic audio experiences for movies, video games and virtual reality.

They created the world’s first Smart 3D Audio Headphones and also provide a SDK and a freemium technology-licensing program for third parties.


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