3rd i Embraces Virtual Reality Consumer Testing

Pioneering quality assurance company 3rd i is announcing the establishment of their new space where the immediate focus is on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and applications.

“Building upon our reputation as innovators in home entertainment quality control, we recognize that entertainment technology is at a pre-exploding point” enthuses Al Limón, 3rd i’s CEO and co-founder. He continues, “The exploration of new technology is very important to us, as it helps us meet the needs of our clients, sometimes before they even realize they need it.”

With their proximity to Silicon Beach – also known as Playa del Rey, Venice, and Culver City – 3rd i is perfectly suited to serve the next-generation technology emerging all around their Culver City facility.

While Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences are more technologically advanced than traditional media, one constant remains: consumers must have an intuitive and frustration-free experience. 3rd i has found that their mindful approach to quality control works well when applied to these new technologies.

“We provide valuable third-party independent review that helps reveal what issues may crop up that may not be apparent to the content producers when an entertainment offering of any sort is released to the general public,” states Ramón Bretón, 3rd i’s CTO. “With VR in particular, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are merged as never before. What seems intuitive to a developer may be confusing for a consumer during their first encounter. Ensuring the smooth integration of interface and experience, along with evaluating content for any visual or auditory anomalies, is the kind of service we provide, regardless of the medium.”

Al Limón continues “Also, for the first time, a piece of home entertainment content can have a severe physiological effect on the consumer. The last thing a new technology needs is bad publicity, dampening early adoption. Part of our responsibility in protecting our clients’ valuable product, not to mention their reputation, is reporting on a virtual reality experience’s potential for cybersickness – the nausea and/or disorientation that some people feel when engaging with VR.”

3rd i is confident that Virtual and Augmented Reality are not only here to stay, but are poised for significant growth, due to the multitude of applications in both entertainment and industry. Innovation never rests, and with their proven record of evolving along with the latest developments in home entertainment technology, 3rd i has ensured that their consumer testing services will meet the ever-changing needs of the home entertainment marketplace.

About 3rd i:

3rd i has been providing quality assurance to the home entertainment industry for over 25 years, performing real-time evaluations of digital files including 4K/UHD material, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and applications, Digital Cinema Packages, and Blu-ray/DVD releases. 3rd i is passionately dedicated to protecting their partners’ investment and maximizing consumer enjoyment by ensuring a frustration-free end-user experience.

For more information, please email 3rdiqc@3rdiqc.com or visit 3rdiqc.com.

Author: VR Reporter

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