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We are happy to introduce to you the new cooler for Samsung S6 and Gear VR, the best and the most beautiful heatsink on the market right now. Project 6freeze is new start-up project developed directly by desires of virtual reality enthusiasts. Our young team is right in the middle of virtual reality happening. Leading firm Quanti is well-known for their success at this field, for example, I can mention newly released project Iinfinitus tVR. We are able to ensure professional and agile attitude.

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The idea itself came from our different project called FlyPrague with whom you have possibility to fly over capital city of Czech Republic, Prague. This unique experience is provided by combination of Samsung Gear VR, Samsung S6 and electronic platform with seats developed also by our team. But most demanding processes like these are able to overheat the mobile in just few minutes. That is the reason we developed our own cooler to extend the maximum time of usage and to save life expectancy of battery and whole smartphone. As we contacted users and fans of virtual reality on the internet we registered quite big interest among all people around the world and we decided to provide our knowledge and experience to the community.

The 6freeze in his first version is completely passive. It is made from aluminium and weights only 70grams. The size is slightly lower than size of Samsung S6, 138 x 67 mm. The graph bellow shows the difference in usage time with and without enclosed heatsink. First column represents the playtime without any support. Second column represents playtime with enclosed heatsink and third column represents playtime with heatsink connected to phone by thermal pad(available in every IT store). As you can see the 6freeze extends the playtime for about 50% and in combination with thermal paste it is more than 100% increase in playtime. We are intensively working on improvements to be even more effective and user-friendly.

You can see on the first look that the design was one of our priorities. The broad scale of colours and materials will be ready to customize your own heatsink. The dominant symbol of cooler is logo which is also completely customizable, that means customer can select his/her own inscription or picture to project on front side.

To be able to produce something great you cannot work alone. The 6freeze has formed from need of community so if you have any kind of information you want to share, we are here to listen and we will do our best to produce something unforgettable.

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