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Admix Enables Developers, Connects Brands to Social VR in High Fidelity

Admix, a monetization platform for VR and AR, is introducing a range of new advertising options for the virtual world platform High Fidelity.

The Admix solution, which will soon be available from the High Fidelity Marketplace, will enable High Fidelity domains to display brand-sponsored objects and advertisements from Admix’s network. Domain owners will share in the revenue from ad placements, with payments made in High Fidelity’s cryptocurrency, High Fidelity Coin (HFC).

High Fidelity domain owners will be able to control the position, size and content of ads by dragging and dropping them from the Marketplace. Admix will then tap into a programmatic ecosystem of thousands of advertisers to display ads tailored to the virtual space (sports-related ads in a stadium, for example).

“We’re delivering ads that make sense for virtual worlds,” said Admix CEO Samuel Huber. “We don’t use personal data to make ads relevant. We take our cues from the virtual environment itself, so everyone shares the same experience. It’s contextual data over behavioral data.”

A demo of Admix advertising within a High Fidelity virtual world is available here. Initially, simple ad formats will be available, but Admix will release more advanced product placements in the upcoming months.

Admix will also join the Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VRBA), co-founded by High Fidelity, which aims to enable interoperability between VR developers using blockchain technologies.

“Advertisements in VR should respect privacy,” said High Fidelity CEO Philip Rosedale. “Admix is doing this the right way: showing ads without collecting any personal information about the users. It’s a great example of the kind of standards the VRBA can help create, and we are happy to work with Admix to champion the best practices for virtual worlds.”

Other members of the VRBA include BLOCKv, JanusVR, Somnium Space and SVVR.

About Admix (formerly Advir) is a monetization solution for VR/AR, enabling developers to place non-intrusive ad units within their content, generating instant revenue for the developers. Admix is also co-developing the Oasis to join different worlds together. Headquartered in London, Admix just expanded to San Francisco.

About High Fidelity
High Fidelity distributes an open source, scalable platform to create 3D virtual worlds. Performers, educators, makers, entrepreneurs and brands can create and host their own social VR experiences. Visitors can take their avatar between virtual worlds with a consistent identity. High Fidelity ensures content rights and ownership with a federated digital asset registry based on blockchain, and powers an economy with its own cryptocurrency, High Fidelity Coin. Based in San Francisco, High Fidelity was founded by Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, and is backed by investors including Breyer Capital, GV, HTC, IDG Capital Partners, Kapor Capital, Linden Lab, True Ventures and Vulcan Capital.

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