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Adobe Premier Pro Enables Fast Efficient 360 Video Post Productions

VR immersive 360 video is becoming an extremely popular format among hobbyists and professional filmmakers. However, VR filmmakers are still experiencing challenges with video stitching/post-production work, and can only anticipate that in the near future a stitch free 360 degree video camera becomes available.


With Adobe’s industry leading video and audio applications and the ever-expanding toolset and services with the Creative Cloud, VR filmmakers have the tools they need to creative visually stunning videos.


adobe 360 video


What’s super exciting is that in the next Adobe Premiere Pro software update, user will be able access advanced workflows for working with immersive VR & 360 video experiences.


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The latest integrations will make 360 video post-production pipeline more flexible and efficient. The next release of Premier Pro allow user to work natively with high resolution format up to 8K, with a new workflow that enable user to start on anything even while importing.



Immersive VR video is an increasingly popular format

With headsets becoming more widely available, new features in Premier Pro not only unable user to work easily with stitched media, but also give you ways to easily preview the VR experience right inside the monitors.


New VR mode features will allow you to move around the virtual sphere, numerical degree value pano nob is available to pan across all angles. You can also drag the picture inside the frame itself. You can also work with stereoscopic VR, with the ability to select with eye you want to work with.


The video can be shared among popular 360 video platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.


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