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AdsOptimal, a San Francisco based VR solution startup, offers virtual reality advertising solution and helps brands to connect with their audiences better using Virtual Reality. The company initially received seed funding from Y-Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Start Fund and angel funds. The company has been profitable through display network, in which we serves billions impressions worldwide.


AdsOptimal deliver VR ads on digital media network, such as mobile websites & apps. Audiences can see it on their smartphones. Or view it on VR headsets. The app serves 360° Cardboard experience but audiences can display them on any platform, no installation required. VR provides rich content experience to audiences that traditionally cannot deliver on the flat screen. At the present, brands need to build mobile apps to deliver their VR creatives. However, AdsOptimal firmly believe audiences shouldn’t have to download apps to see the content. They should be able to see it right on the websites or apps that they are browsing.


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Audiences can browse VR creatives right on the websites or apps. Audiences can use their fingertip to look around or inside the product. The audiences can flip between 2D and 3D mode which work with VR headsets, such as Oculus VR, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.


There are many companies building tools to create VR content. However, there is no company delivers those content on mainstream digital media. AdsOptimal is among one of very first media networks built for virtual reality developers, platforms and companies!
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The Future Of Virtual Reality Advertising Solution

In the past few years, Virtual Reality has been getting attention from the many industries. Recently Time Magazine has described Why Virtual Reality Is About to Change the World. Businesses and brands have developed Virtual Reality apps to gain their customers’ attention. Examples are Infiniti, Jurassic World, and Taylor Swift.


However, do they really work? At the present, number of download for each VR apps is surprisingly low. Average install for each VR apps is about 50,000 installs or lower. In contrast, brand marketers would expect to reach millions in order to make the campaign really work. AdsOptimal was born to offer an effective virtual reality advertising solution!


Audiences Are Not Willing To Download App To See ADs

Statistically, an ad banner that has 10% click-through-rate may give lower than 1% install rate when the ad bring audiences to install an app. Getting someone to install an app is more difficult process than it seem. First, they need to switch to the app store, then hit install button, type in password, wait to download, wait to install, then open the app. Majority of cell phone browsing are on cellular data, which also makes the process even longer.


It will be faster for audiences if they can see the ad right on the websites or apps that they are browsing. In this way, Virtual Reality ad can have at least 10 times higher impressions to its content. Audiences shouldn’t have to download apps to see the ads.


Most People Do Not Own VR Device At This Time

Oculus Rift has shipped more than 100,000 kits worldwide. The number is impressive, however it is still considerably low compared to the number of billion audiences in digital media world. We can expect the shipment growth to continue. But still, we cannot expect audiences to bring Virtual Reality headset with them everywhere.


It will be more convenient for audiences if they can view Virtual Reality ad without any headset and use it when they like to. Generally, Virtual Reality that we see through the headset can also be rendered in 360° on flat screen using mathematical algorithm. So, the better ads would have an option for audiences to view with or without Virtual Reality headset.

AdsOptimal Founder Brad Phaisan

Brad Phaisan grew AdsOptimal from zero to billions of impressions within a year. In addition to display network, he launched AdsOptimal 3DX, a platform for Virtual Reality content, where brands can deliver Virtual Reality creatives on mainstream digital media.


Prior to AdsOptimal, Brad drove millions of dollars of e-Commerce sales for ipsy, and acquired millions of users for a set of Facebook apps. His most acclaimed achievement: 1 app, 1 week, 1 million users. Originally from Thailand, Brad won multiple worldwide software championships. This led him to work at Microsoft and later on Google, where he built Media Ads – rich ads for search results.

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