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PVR Reveals IRIS Next-Gen Headset, Partners With Industry Leaders

The PVR team has revealed its next generation integrated headset on Indiegogo, which it says will deliver a “virtual pornographic experience like no other.”

According to the company, it set out to create a high quality, affordable, and purposeful virtual reality headset designed for one main use — VR porn.

“As the headset employs the best audio-visual technology available, it would make sense to argue that it is the perfect product for those wanting a purely cinematic VR experience,” a team spokesperson reveals, “but at PVR we wanted to address a more important problem; the virtual reality headsets available today simply do not have the technical specs or the calibration to replicate an intimate real-life sexual encounter.”

The spokesperson notes that in 2017, pioneer porn lovers led the charge to a 9,900 percent increase in searches for VR pornography, and in 2018 the industry is set to experience an enormous 500 percent growth spurt.

“Simply put, the marketplace is ready for a rig that finally provides the realistic, sexy virtual experience they have been searching for,” the spokesperson explains. “As the headset is designed for pornography over gaming, we are able to deliver resolutions far higher than other systems — it’s 2018 after all, and we think your virtual reality experience should be free of the pixelated junk (literally and figuratively) of the past.”

Boasting HEVC processing capability of up to 6K, 60Mbps, and with a 4K-screen resolution, the IRIS was born to deliver a viewing experience as crisp as possible while requiring half the bandwidth of other devices. The headset features a fluid 60fps and the newest motion sickness prevention technology, which as the spokesperson notes, “[spares] you the shame of puking on your favorite porn star.”

“The IRIS comes in at under [11 ounces] and was created with adjustable features for maximum user comfort, making it the lightest and most comfortable all-in-one HMD available today,” the spokesperson adds. “You will feel like you are wearing nothing at all, and if you enjoy IRIS as much as we believe you will, you really will be wearing nothing at all.”

PVR built its software from the ground up, crediting custom operating systems and user interfaces as key to the device’s seamless and enjoyable experience.

“It was our mission to create an all-in-one system that requires no need for any additional products or subscriptions,” the spokesperson explains. “We work with several studios to bring you the best content possible, and we’ve made our tech compatible with all sorts of other pleasurable sex toys, allowing you to fully feel the tantalizing sensations of your greatest fantasies.”

A number of dedicated VR partners are lending their support to the PVR HMD, including HoloGirlsVR, BaDoinkVR, VRCosplayX, 18VR, BabeVR, VR3000, VR Sexperience and more.

“I have worked in virtual reality for more than 15 years, and my companies have produced hundreds of VR videos,” says Brian Shuster, CEO of HoloFilm Productions and Utherverse Digital. “Honestly, I have never experienced anything like the PVR HMD.”

Shuster believes this headset is the breakthrough that VR fans have been waiting for.

“[The PVR HMD] solution blew my mind! It is very light weight and there are no visible pixels,” Shuster explains. “Trust me when I say that there has never been a headset like this before. Words don’t even cut it. You have to try it to believe just how superior this headset is.”

To raise awareness of the new technology, the PVR Team is using the proceeds from its Indiegogo campaign to create eye-catching and viral marketing campaigns.

“We truly believe in revolutionizing the way people practice self-love and would like to reach as many consumers as possible,” the spokesperson concludes. “We have created enough headsets to fulfill initial orders and are offering our Indiegogo backers substantial discounts on the IRIS headset as well as two years free subscription. If we are able to reach our marketing goals, then we believe that the PVR IRIS will become the new industry standard.”

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