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ALICE VR Delayed Until Autumn

ALICE VR is an exploration adventure game created specifically for VR headsets. It’s set on an alien planet whose population have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The hero of the game solves numerous puzzles to discover what has happened to the missing inhabitants, and makes decisions that can determine their future. This sci-fi exploration adventure for Oculus Rift just got pushed until early autumn according to Carbon Studio’s manager Paweł Gajda:

We got an opportunity to further develop and polish ALICE VR. Soon, we’ll be able to reveal some more details about what caused this decision and how will our game benefit from this few extra months of development.”


The main character of ALICE VR lands his spacecraft on an alien planet in order to replenish the supplies lost due to a technical malfunction. A seemingly easy task turns out to be more and more complicated as it turns out that all citizens of the planet have disappeared in mysterious circumstances.


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The character has to deal with a series of puzzles designed specifically for Oculus Rift, and make some decisions that will help him understand what has happened to the dwellers of the planet. Those decisions can also have an impact on their future and directly influence their lives.


We’ll keep you up to date with any news about ALICE VR.



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