There are many ways in which Virtual and Augmented Reality can be positively applied to help a business grow, whether it be in streamlining internal resources or helping to engage and attract new customers.

With creativity in the industry particularly high at the moment, it is exciting to see how far this can be taken in the future as ever increasingly useful and innovative ideas are move from ideas on the drawing board into reality.

The VR/AR enterprise market is forecast to generate billions of dollars in revenue, and we are now seeing great interest from all sides in how best to unlock the potential of this new technology. Be it for manufacturing, engineering, construction, the automotive industry, defense, aerospace, aviation, logistics, healthcare, education, entertainment or retail, enterprises large and small the world over are all beginning to attest to the potential of these technologies to optimise their workflows, streamline internal resources and connect them with their audiences as efficiently as possible.

There are of course still issues to be fully understood and overcome, such as determining the best methods to draw the user through a scene, determining sufficient regulation to enable the sector to expand and develop safely, and network optimisation needs to enable the reliable transmission of 360 degree data on a mass scale, both live and on demand – but the potential is massive.

So, what to expect in the future?

Ovum’s Principal analyst, Paul Jackson, enlighten us on the future VR&AR market developments

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