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Disney Legendary Artist Glen Keane Paints In VR For Step Into The Page

Disney’s legendary animator Glen Keane has created iconic animated characters such as Aladdin, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, after Glen left Disney in 2012, he joined Google ATAP’s Spotlight Stories – and created the short animated film Duet.



According to the Engadget, Glen is newest experience with animation is to paint and draw in virtual reality for a new short animation film called Step Into the Page, directed by Ashley Rodholm. Which will be showcased at Future of Storytelling Summit in October.


tilt brush


The video below shows how Glen Keane uses virtual reality to bring his animated characters to life! The animation is painted using HTC Vive headset and Google’s Tile Brush.


Below is the immersive 360 video we captured at Title Brush’s exhibition at San Francisco. The painting and drawing created using Tilt Brush put views in a virtual realm, you can literally walk inside the painting, it’s one of the coolest and most amazing virtual environment and application I have experienced! One way, it will revolutionize the way we paint and experience art!


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Glen Keane’s animation display ” Duet ” at Google I/O 2014:



“What I realized about VR or AR is that we’re not going to really conquer that unless we really have time to master the craft, because it’s a craft like sculpting or painting. You can’t just give someone a paintbrush who hasn’t held one before and ask them to create the Sistine Chapel … The tool is there, but it’s going to take patience and time.” ( via Engadget )


“When I animate, there’s a frustration that I have wishing that the flatness of the paper would go away and I could actually dive in.” ( Via Tech Insider )


“I would draw not to do a drawing, but so that I could step in and live in that world. Today, all the rules have changed,” Keane says. “I can put goggles on and I just step into the paper and now I’m drawing in it. North, South, East, West — all directions are open now.” ( via Tech Insider )


Content Source: Engadget & Tech Times

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