AR Headset Maker REALMAX Unveil Newest AR Glasses at 5G+AR Summit

In a keynote speech at Huawei's Win-Win Future 5G+AR Global Summit (Better World Summit), Cai Mengbo, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei BG talked about using 5G to ignite the AR industry. 

As a leader of the 5G technology, Huawei reflects on multiple perspective application, market, and end users that calls for the entire industry to work together to jointly promote the prosperity of the 5G+AR end-to-end industry chain. 

5G+AR making the world a better place is not just a concept, it is becoming a reality. As a leader in 5G technology, Huawei radiates its focus from technology to application, facing the market and facing users. With the advent of the 5G era, the integration of AR technology and all walks of life is entering an explosive period. There are currently more than 20,000 AR applications in the world. It is estimated that by 2025, the global AR industry market space will reach 300 billion U.S. dollars and the number of users will reach 1.2 billion.

REALMAX  was the only AR glasses brand invited to attend this summit. At the conference, Mr. Wei Rongjie, CEO of REALMAX, gave a speech on the theme of "From Human Evolution to AR Glasses + 5G”. 

Will AR glasses connect to 50% of human brains to open up the next generation of civilization?

Wei shared his point of view that human genes ceased to evolve 30,000 years ago, and we are still dragging our old body as they were 30,000 years ago. 

Now the human race is encountering "genetic bottlenecks". After the "AI paradigm disruption", perhaps human beings need to break through the physiological bandwidth, and  innovate through the combination of AI man-machine to promote the breakthrough evolution of mankind, and the super-large field of view AR glasses can expand beyond the normal human eye, and directly link to human brain to form a a new super human-machine interface. 

Thus, AR glasses not only enhance reality, but introduces a new organ that optimize human perception and cognition, and is the key and important tool to ignite the next evolutionary stage of human civilization. 

What Exactly is REALMAX?

In his speech, Wei gave a brief introduction to REALMAX's historical products, and focused on the fact that REALMAX was mass produced in the world’s leading AR/VR EMS manufacturer where VR devices were made for Oculus, Sony PSVR, and Lenovo VR. 

REALMAX has been in mass production for more than three years, and its 119.5° large viewing angle has not been surpassed. With 6DOF tracking and positioning and handle gesture interaction, it truly realizes the immersive AR experience. This is why the company was the only AR brand invited to this summit. 

REALMAX’s  Latest Product: REALSEER·pro

The climax of the speech was to share the black technology design concept of REALMAX’s new product The appearance should resemble the universal appearance of mainstream glasses, while sunglasses can also be attached externally. 

The product is fashionable and suitable for the general public. It has a large viewing angle and can be designed for prescription glasses. The device is thin, compact, foldable storage, portable and mobile. It can reply on help of mobile phone 5G network for mass content empowerment. The front-end functions to expand 6DOF, slam, infrared camera and other plug-ins can be customized. 

1. AR wearable products in the form of real glasses

The AR glasses that is truly morphed into traditional glasses should have a universal appearance and should be very universal to wear in public.

2. FOV 70° super large viewing angle

The main viewing angle of the human eye is about 60°, and AR glasses with a viewing angle close to about 70° can bring a certain sense of immersion to ensure their high-quality experience as AR glasses. This large viewing angle is almost twice as large as the viewing area of most AR devices on the market with a viewing angle of only 30-55°. The visual effect is like the iMAX large screen, which can ensure that people enjoy immersive high-definition when using it. 

3. Lightness and thinness mimics real glasses

The optical design not only needs to have a large viewing angle, but also needs to maintain a thinner form factor so the weight can be distributed closer to the face. Not only does the lens need to be ultra-thin, but the temples need to be slimmer. The whole device needs to be <75g to be suitable for long-term wear. At the same time, it needs to be compact, foldable, and it is very portable to store in the pocket or a backpack. 

4. Prescription glasses

Many people have experienced dizziness when using AR/VR glasses. In addition to display lag, there are several reasons that are often overlooked such as the difference in pupil distance, pupil height, and myopia are all factors that cause dizziness when wearing AR/VR displays. 

A good AR glasses should have large viewing angle, also light, thin, and slender. It needs to also let people see clearly and comfortably. Users can measure their left and right eye myopia through professional optical refraction at a designated optical shop. Degree (within 200°-500°), and then choose a special AR lens with a degree, match the interpupillary distance, pupil height and frame shape, polish the lens with the lens edging machine of a professional optician, and customize the AR glasses tailor to a person’s own need. The most suitable AR glasses are customized for users like prescription glasses.

5. Changeable fashion sunglasses

AR glasses also need to have powerful fashion functions with interchangeable sunglasses, suitable for different styles of fashion. It can also be switched to VR mode at any time with dark shades, which can not only meet the needs of users for cool appearances, but also It can meet the needs of users for switching between AR/VR at any time.

6. Front-end sensor function expansion

A microUSB port is reserved on the front of the AR glasses, which can be compatible with external devices such as NOLO CV1 to play "Rhythm Space 节奏空间", and to stream major platform games. It can also expand the double fisheye camera to achieve SLAM, or expand the infrared body temperature camera. This open up unlimited imagination space for future expansion functions.

7.Back-end 5G host adaptation

There is a USB Type-C interface at the end of the AR glasses temples, which can be directly connected to high-end 5G mobile phones with DP and enjoy the low latency and high bandwidth of 5G. It can also be connected to a computer or connected to various game consoles through an adapter. The content is then directly projected to the screen of the glasses.

This is REALSEER·PRO real glasses + prescription myopia glasses + 70-degree AR viewing angle!

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