2017 Asia VR & AR Fair & Summit (VR&AR Fair) – Market Potential of VR & AR Industry in Asia & Chinese Market

In 2016, VR undoubtedly has been buzz-worthy in the whole society. Now the VR & AR technology has been applied into all kinds of fields such as tourism, shopping, medical treatment, education, amusement, design, real estate, military industry etc with an overwhelming development trend. It is estimated that VR & AR technology will usher its golden period in the next five to ten years, occupying for enormous market. Besides, the global leading enterprises will keep expansion with investments and acquisitions in VR & AR industry. For instance, the world-famous tycoons like Intel, Facebook, Google, Apple, Alibaba, Software, Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi, JD have scheduled the VR industry as the key investment project and further enlarged the application field. With such enormous capitals, the VR & AR industry output is expected to reach as high as 120 billion dollars in 2020. Check out the official website of 2017 VR & AR Fair & Summit @ China.


Asia-Pacific VR & AR Yacht Salon

Under this background, themed as ‘Sharing Intelligent VR Technology, Ushering the Bright Future’, 2016 Asia-Pacific VR & AR Yacht Salon was kicked off on October 25th, 2016 in Asian International Yacht City of Panyu District, Guangzhou. More than 80 distinguished VR & AR enterprises and 30 professional media are invited to attend the grand event. In the salon, they not only exchanged views on VR & AR industry, but deepened the mutual cooperation as well.


Two luxury yachts seated more than 80 VR industrial core figures. They talked and laughed, indulging in the atmosphere of joy. Except for the beautiful scenery along the tour can be enjoyed, several exciting water sports such as the motorboat and banana boat were very popular.


In the course of the yacht salon, more than 30 media specially interviewed the VR & AR industry bigwigs to share their rich industry experience and express their expectation on VR & AR industry. In the interview, the elites in this industry had wonderful analysis on the development potential of VR & AR, including presidents of Treno, Nined, Sealy, and the general managers of Universal Space, Movie Power, Longcheng Electronic Power, and CEO of the GM Studio AR, the Dream.VR, and other leaders of this industry.


Exchange Meeting of 2016 Asia-Pacific VR & AR Yacht Salon

The exchange meeting of 2016 Asia-Pacific VR & AR Yacht Salon kicked off at about 6:00 p.m. The distinguished industry leaders had made speeches one after another, such as Mr. Wang Zhaoyun, the executive president of Guangdong Yacht Industry Association & president of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group , the executive president of GuangDong Association of Cyber Culture, Mr. Shi Jijian, the chairman of Panyu Animation Entertainment Industry Association, other representatives of the leading enterprises. They shared their valuable experience on the VR & AR industry, had brilliant analysis on the industry development. The majority of them firmly believed that the insiders should work together with strong team spirit, and have closer cooperation to achieve win-win development.



2017 Asia VR & AR Fair Being in the Schedule

2017 Asia VR & AR Fair is scheduled to hold three displaying tours, which are respectively in Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Africa. For the first tour in Guangzhou, the 2017 Asia VR & AR Fair will be concurrently held with 2017 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA). The two expos will be ten halls spanning over 100,000 square meters and more than 600 exhibitors are about to display their VR & AR products on site, among which two halls are for Asia VR & AR Fair.

An International Exhibition Platform for VR & AR Industry

As the host unit of 2017 Asia VR & AR Fair, Grandeur International Exhibition Group hold the opinion that by gathering all VR & AR enterprises together to have deep insight into the future development of VR & AR industry, the VR & AR industry could be well promoted. Besides, it has successfully held innumerable grand exhibitions including China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition, China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair, China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair, China (Guangzhou) Int’ l Housing Industry Expo, Africa Int’ l Expo for Leisure, Tourism & Urban Recreation, Guangzhou International Leisure & Recreation Expo, and other international exhibitions. These professional exhibitions are held every single year with high expectation. A vast number of exhibitors, buyers think highly of the exhibitions held by Grandeur Group while the governments and media show their full supports.



2017 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit(VR&AR Fair 2017)


Concurrent event: 2017 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA 2017)

Date: Mar8-11, 2017 Venue: China Import and Export ComplexArea A

Organized by:

Council for the Promotion of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Cooperation

The Guangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Cooperative Units: JD.com, Microsoft, Google, HUAWEI, Samsung, HTCSony, Amazon, OCULUS, Deepoon,Oculus Rift, HoloLens, MorpheusShenzhen 3Glasses, ANTVR, WHALEY, Alipay, WeChat, Nibiru, Mojing, MEIZU, LG, Black Shield, Super Technology, PICO, Kat, COOEE TECHNOLOGY, MOTUS, Shenzhen Useus, Kingsee, UCVR, etc.

Partner Media: Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, CCTV, Dragon TV, Guangdong TV, South TV, Radio and Television Shanghai, Hunan TV, Xinhua Net, VRjie,VR2048, Moduo VRHeihe VR, 87870.com, Yaojie VR, VRchanyeren,VRtoutiao,VR168, Ji VR, AR Jiang, SNAIL SHELL, 913VR, VR Lequ, 72Byte,VR Guancha, VRRB, VRCUN, TAOVR, VR Popo, AR in China, Toys Gu, etc.

Cooperative universities and associations: Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Normal University, the Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics, (Shenzhen) 3D Film and TV Association, China Virtual Reality Industry Association, etc;

Note: The above list is in no particular order

Sponsored by: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

VR/AR Fair2017, Gathering International Brands & Holding an Excellent Fair

Facebook spending $2 billion purchasing industrial leader Oculus VR is deemed to be the beginning of VR boom. In 2016 VR was involved in China’s College Entrance Examination, which is regarded as the “milestone” of China’s VR development history. VR is a revolutionary product after smart phone. VR and AR applications have influenced tourism, shopping, medical care, education, entertainment, design, real estate, industrial, military, national defense, etc, with rapidly increasing market expansion.

In the next 5 to 10 years, VR and AR technology will usher in a booming period. Powerful technologies and applications will have a huge market share. In 2017 global giants will continue to invest and merge in VR. Intel, Facebook, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, Apple, Tencent, Millet, Storm Technology, Alibaba, Jingdong will take VR as a key investment project. Technology applications will be further expanded. It is expected that in 2020 the output value of VR and AR industry will reach $120 billion.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology points out that VR is on the eve of the outbreak period and will soon enter the window period of persistent and rapid development.

In the future, the layout should be planned in advance to do the top-level design. We should achieve the core technology breakthroughs and strengthen cultural and brand building through the financial special support for virtual reality technology industrialization.

According to statistics, it’s expected that in 2106 global VR device shipments will reach 630, among which 40% of the demand is from china. Guangzhou is the forefront city of China’s reform and opening up, with science and technology innovation and application in a leading position. Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit will provide a broad promotion platform,professional services, revolutionary innovation and integration to VR&AR industry by providing an important platform for economy, technological cooperation and product exchange, intensifying the combination between VR&AR technology and modern life.

VR/AR Fair2017 Concurrent events

  1. VR/AR Summit Forum
  2. VR/AR High-end Technology and Products Press Conference
  3. VR+ Two-Dimensional Show
  4. Investment Project Show & VR/AR Matchmaking Meeting
  5. Industry’s Most Authoritative Awards Ceremony & High-end Dinner

Target Guest: Samsung, IntelFacebook, Google, HUAWEI, Microsoft, Apple, Tencent, MI, Stormer Player, Alibaba, JD.com, etc.

VR/AR Fair2017 Target Visitor

IT industry, software developer, hardware industry, internet industry, film and television production, entertainment industry, tourism, education industry, design, city construction, theme park, entertainment city, cinema, theater, modern commerce, real estate, security industry, advertisement industry, medical industry, industry, military industry, etc.

VR/AR Fair2017 Exhibition Scope

  • VR/AR Hardware Equipment: output/input equipment, data equipment, tracking equipment/system, location system and other tracking device, etc;
  • VR/AR System Equipment: immersive VR system, desktop VR system, AR system, distributed VR system, etc. Visual sensor, auditory sensor, information processing system, etc;
  • VR/AR Technology: 3D output technology, environment modeling technology, 3D sound simulation technology, human-machine interaction technology, physical simulation technology, life-time collision detection technology, etc;
  • VR/AR Production Equipment and Accessories: VR system, super computer, screen, micro projector, video processing chip, sensor, optical glass, etc;
  • VR/AR Game: VR park, VR experience, VR travel, VR/AR drive, VR shooting game, VR modeling game, etc;
  • VR/AR Software: modeling software, development software, web3D technology, cult3D technology, VR modeling language, panoramic technique, etc;
  • VR/AR Application Solution: vehicle production, equipment production, aircraft and space ship, national defense and military industry, medical treatment, wellness, energy engineering, intelligent city, intelligent education, intelligent tourism, etc;
  • VR/AR Content Creation Demonstration

VR/AR Fair Domestic and overseas promotion

  1. Main city road and transportation hub
  2. Paper media, TV, network media, forums, live, etc
  3. Domestic and international call center telephone
  4. Database mail, telephone, information promotion
  5. Tickets for the fair
  6. Industry exhibitions, forums, conferences and other activities
  7. Domestic and foreign investment units, industry organizations, universities, media, enterprises
  8. 500 domestic and overseas cooperation media

VR/AR Fair 2017 Advantages

1.International Interaction to Promote the International VR&AR Industry Globalization

The organizing committee will further enhance the integration of global element at work on the basis of global orientation and advantage on international investment .technology,,enterprises and media,to expand and broaden globalization from all fields.

2.Plan for International Enterprise Cooperation

Holding Guangzhou International Leisure & Recreation Expo for 13 years, Grandeur Exhibition Group has large international department with rich experience of cooperation with international media, magazines and enterprises. Through telephone, e-mail and direct mail, the international call center will increase 6000 times of call every week and invite the international visitors and exhibitors.

3.Domestic Exhibitors’ Support

Many domestic and overseas VR exhibitors participate in the exhibition held by Grandeur Exhibition Group.The majority of exhibitors are enterprises from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. To express strong support, and in view of our pleasure cooperation for years, these enterprises participate the exhibition positively. Futhermore, domestic exhibitors and giant enterprises express full support via different channels, so as to attract more peers and professional buyers.

4.Grandeur Exhibition Group Owning Numerous Professional Visitors From Various Areas

Grandeur Exhibition Group has more than 10 years of exhibition experience. The concurrent events during March 8th and 11th , 2017 are 2017 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA2017), ChinaKTV&Disco&Bar 2017, China Theater & Cinema 2017. The exhibition will cover an area of 100,000 square meters with visitors of 120,000, which is benefical for VR&AR to be combined with entertainment, education, Internet, finance, film and television, real estate and other fields. During the exhibition, Grandeur Group will gather all industry resources to promote widely.


5. Government’s Supportive Policies

On the basis of China’s and local supportive polices for VR, finance boosts the rapid development of VR&AR industry.

6.Investment institution Support

To widely cooperate with domestic and overseas investment institutions and specially invite the relevant leaders to negotiate and cooperate with the enterprises at the scene.

Exhibition Fee

Standard Booth(3m×3m) USD 2,200/9 sq. m.Add 10% fees for double-open booth Standard booth facilities: three white surrounding boards (height: 2.5M), one table, two chairs, two daylight lamps, fascia in English and Chinese, one wastebin and a piece of floor carpet.
Luxury Booth USD 2,600 / 9 sq. m. Luxury booth facilities: one table, one bar chair, one glass table with 4 chairs, fascia in English and Chinese, two spotlights, one wastebin, a piece of floor carpet and one outlet.(Advert on table: self-prepared; size: 1m*1m)
Raw Space USD 220 /sq. m. Minimum rental space: 36 square meters. No facilities provided. Additional management fee: RMB 50 /m2. The booth should be built and decorated by exhibitors themselves.

Ad Cost

Cover RMB 18000 Ticket RMB10000 /10000pcs
Back Cover RMB 15000 Company Profile RMB1000
Head Page RMB10000 Colored Flag RMB200 per one
Inside Front/ Back Cover, Double Page Spread RMB9000 Arch Door RMB8000 per one
Colored Inside Page RMB5000 B&W Inside Page RMB3000
Ads on Visitor Guidebook RMB20000/10000pcs Ads on Visitor Card RMB30000/10000pcs

Guide for Exhibitors

  • Booths will be arranged according to the principle of “application first,payment second ,confirmation last”. Please carefully fill out the “Exhibitor Contract” with company stamp before faxing or sending email to the Organizing Committee. Once the application form is signed and sealed, the contract, fax or copy will be valid.
  • Please pay the exhibition fee to the organizing committee within five working days after submission of the application form. The booth won’t be reserved if the payment is overdue.
  1. After receiving the application form and payment, the organizing committee will issue the “Exhibition Guidance” within 1 month before the exhibition.
  2. The organizing committee has the right to adjust the confirmed booths according to the overall effect of the venue and the needs of security and fire protection.

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