Audi Takes You On A Virtual Reality Trip Back To Singapore In 1965 On VR Headset

Audi launches a virtual reality experience that’s take audience back to Singapore in 1965, this VR experience is in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.


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Singapore is young nation with only 50 years in history, it all begin as a small country with little to none natural resources, small land and only a few allies, Singapore grew from one of the world’s poorest nation into a prosperous and highly developed nation, and the financial center of Asia.


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To celebrate the nation’s 50 years of amazing progress, auto maker Audi is presenting “A Drive Back in Time”, a VR experience that allows audience to time travel back to Singapore’s Civic District in 1965, when it was separated from the state of Malaysia.


“Singapore has made tremendous progress in the 50 years since its independence. Audi will take you back in time to see how far Singapore has developed. This is Audi’s gift to Singapore for the jubilee celebration.” Mr. Jeff Mannering, Managing Director, Audi Singapore


Audience will be able to experienced ‘SG50 Time Machine’, a mobile VR app that uses the latest virtual reality technology to create an amazing 3D experience of Singapore in 1965 complete with interactive landscapes, buildings, roads and passengers with Audi Singapore Ambassador, Dick Lee as the virtual tour guide.


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“A Drive Back in Time” is a unique, historical and special tribute event that will be to public and take place at The Fullerton Hotel @ Singapore from October 19-25.


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