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Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo Land on Google Daydream VR

Climax Studios are bringing their critical acclaimed and number 1 selling VR titles Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo to Google Daydream. Bandit Six launches today and Salvo arrives Thursday, 23rd February.


“We are a big supporter of Daydream and believe it will continue to push our industry forward toward mass consumer adoption. We have already seen great success with our first Daydream release, Hunters Gate, and are excited to see the public’s reaction to our next two titles,” says Simon Gardner, CEO of Climax Studios.

Bandit Six

Strap on your Google Daydream and man the tail guns of a World War 2 bomber fending off swarms of attacking fighters as they close in for the kill. You’ll face the enemy’s deadliest aerial weapons, from the iconic Me109 to V2 rockets, jets and missiles.

Bandit Six delivers an intense first-person arcade aerial combat experience offering more than 30 blastacular missions set amidst skies swarming with tracer, flak, flames and planes. So, man the guns and join the fight. Bandit Six is available today on the Google Play Store for £2.49/$2.99/3.49 euro. It is also available on Samsung Gear VR. See the Store listing HERE

Bandit Six: Salvo

Bandit Six: Salvo thrusts you head first into the heart of war. You must skilfully defend key positions against waves of incoming enemy forces by blasting the hell of them. First, strategically position your gun turrets on your War Room map table for maximum effect, then go first person and man your machine guns, mortars and cannons to gun down hordes of enemy bombers, helicopters, landing craft, tanks, jeeps and much more before they destroy you and take your position.

From the beaches of Britain to the snowy ruins of Stalingrad, to the sun-baked Pacific you’ll face tougher and more challenging missions against ever increasing numbers of enemy forces.

Bandit Six Salvo releases on the 23rd February and is a free to try title. Players will be able to download and try the first 3 levels for free. Full game unlock is available for £2.49/$2.99/3.49 euro. It is also available on Samsung Gear VR. See the Store listing HERE

For additional information on Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo visit or follow @climaxstudios on Twitter.

Review keys for the Google Daydream are available upon request. Assets can be downloaded from here: HERE

About Climax Studios

We are an independent games studio based in the heart of the UK’s sunny south, with another studio based in New Zealand, Auckland. Iconic, fun and blazing the trail in AAA experiences, working across all major VR and AR headsets. Watch this space, we’re pushing the frontiers of VR and AR in a whole new way.

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