The Augmented reality app, usually known as the AR app is a unique software application that integrates digital content. This digital content generally works as an audiovisual for including some other facilities. Augmented reality software mainly used for consumer applications, marketing (product promoting), and for training & teaching purposes. In a classroom Augmented Reality application can easily enhance the learning in smart classes. This technology overlays digital elements in a smart interactive way such as video clips, texts, photos, various audio clips, voice records, and animations. AR technology can grow the interest of studying among the learners with the real-world environment.

Best Augmented Reality Apps for the classroom in 2019

The concept of augmented reality first grew among some institutions for more than 5 years back from today. This new phenomenon can easily spread among the coaches and learners for a few years. For example, let you know that Google’s augmented reality application, which can be easily accessible by everyone, is now in the final testing phase.

a) ZooBurst

ZooBurst is one of the best digital storytelling tools which help anyone to access easily to create his 3D pop-up books. By using the AR app ZooBurst, storytelling is interesting for any age. It can enhance their stock of stories and helps to gather more others. The authors of the ZooBurst can easily share the books with their readers by using a simple hyperlink. The author can embed it on any blog or website. This app allows the author to provide their contexts to their writings. Also, an author can maintain a moderated discussion forum and critic circle for each book. It also provides a virtual space where a reader can communicate with the author as well as one another.

  • Available Features on ZooBurst:
  1. You can write and read both with the help of ZooBrust.
  2. You can get individual users and teachers for each account.
  3. Basic users can get at least 10 books per account.
  4. By using the premium plan, you can get unlimited books per account.
  5. Sound effects, audio comments, and voice command include in this software.
  6. Classroom management tools also provide the ZooBurst app to its clients.

    Price Plan

    Price Plan

    Basic Plan Free

    Premium Plan $9.99 per month

    School License $29.99 per month

    Additional Information:-

    Seller: ZooBurst

    Category: Smartbooks

    Rating: 3.6 out of 5

    Copyright: Protected by ZooBurst Version 1.0

    Compatibility: Android, iOS, iPhone, and iPad

    Size: 14.26 MB

    1. b) FETCH! Lunch Rush

    FETCH! Lunch Rush is another famous AR app released by PBS KIDS. This augmented reality app which helps to improve maths skills through the perfect uses of visualization effect. It is designed with 3D technology mainly for elementary students and helps them to develop the power of addition and subtraction using the real scenario. FETCH! Lunch Rush designed its free software for iPhone, iPad, and iPods. It is the first AR application for education designed by PBS.

    • Available Features on FETCH! Lunch Rush:
    1. FETCH! Lunch Rush provides Kid Olympics, which improves the capability of your kid and helps them to face competition in the future.
    2. This AR app is friendly in use and easy to access
    3. Violence and Scariness preventing system enabled in this app to prevent the violation among the children.
    4. This app also restricted any adult or sexual stuff in the pages.
    5. Multiple language options are present on the page, which helps to access the application without facing any linguistic problem.
    • Pricing Plan

    Price Plan

    FETCH! Lunch Rush Free

    • Additional Information:-

    Seller: PBS Kids

    Category: Games and Learning’s

    Rating: 4 out of 5

    Copyright: Protected by 2014 WBGH Educational Foundation

    Compatibility: iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    Size: 26.4 MB

    1. c) HP Reveal

    HP Reveal is popular for its creativity. Former Aurasma changes its way and becomes HP Reveal. With this application, your kid can easily create posters, photos, cards, and others with lots of creativity. It helps to develop the artistic sense of a learner. A consumer can easily get real-life experience in the field of creativity with the help of this application.

    • Available features on HP Reveal:
    1. It engages its customers with top class Augmented reality experiences using their latest toolsets.
    2. HP Reveal protects your brand with the best quality of end-to-end encryption security to prevent the attack of malware in your system.
    3. It also provides you the problem tracking and solution providing pages to access easily.
    4. HP Reveal runs very fast rather than other AR apps. It takes a maximum of 60 seconds to complete a command.
    • Pricing Plan:-

    Price Plan

    HP Reveal Free

    • Additional information:-

    Seller: HP Reveal

    Category: Learning Technologies

    Rating: 3.1 out of 5

    Copyright: Protected by auras Zendesk

    Compatibility: Android, iOS, iPad

    Size: 18 MB

    1. d) Quiver

    The famous and reliable augmented reality application Colar Mix is now known as Quiver. The unique technology of this app can bring an extraordinarily, magical experience to you and your children. On their official website of this application, you can find the free pages which are easy to access without facing any haze.

    • Available Features on Quiver:
    1. This app provides a clear view of animation from every angle.
    2. Touch screen facility available by which students can interact with the animated characters by a single touch.
    3. An educational page with every program includes conducting quizzes and testing the knowledge of the respective users.
    4. A learner can enjoy the traditional method of coloring combined with the updated AR technology.
    5. Different types of sound effects attached to every individual page
    6. The helpline wings are ready to help 24 X 7 without any interruption.
    • Pricing Plan:-

    Plan Price

    Quiver-3D Coloring Apps Free

    Colar Mix Vol. 1 $2.99

    Dover Sampler Page Pack $2.99

    BBC Children in Need $2.99

    • Additional information:-

    Seller: QuiverVission Limited

    Category: Games and Colouring

    Rating: 3.8 out of 5

    Copyright: Protected by QuiverVission

    Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod

    Size: 59.1 MB


    These are a few of the recent augmented reality apps mainly for classroom uses, which can change the flow of learning for your children. Conducting some surveys, it is seen that the children are highly accepted this modern technique of this type of learning. The Augmented reality Application based on smart technologies that can enhance the capacity of reading, numerical abilities, creative sense, and also the ability of coloring with real-life experiences of a student. It is innovative and interesting among the learners as well as the teachers.

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