2016 Festival for VR/MR/360 Annonced First Jury Members

binge-watch-360 conference 2016 Festival for VR/MR/360 Annonced First Jury Members 2016 is accelerating with the announcement of the awards jury and a rapidly approaching deadline for award submissions.

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Hamburg, Germany: World-class creatives in virtual reality, mixed reality and 360° video are gathering for 2016 (Sep 22nd & 23rd), a festival, conference and awards ceremony dedicated to their work.

The awards signpost the future of entertainment. Recognising outstanding use of VR, MR and 360° Video across all immersive experience, the awards cover music, film, gaming. The awards will be judged by an elite jury with diverse experience and perspectives including:

● Jakob Kriwat, creative lead at Zoo, Google’s European marketing think tank. With a background in design, communications and marketing, Jakob will be able to marry aesthetic and commercial perspectives on the awards.

● Christoph Roth, a 16 year veteran of VFX production in the world of cinematography and art. Christoph has produced VFX on standout films like A Most Wanted Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy. With his distinguished resumé, it’s clear Christoph will be turning a keen artistic eye to the submissions.

● Christopher Lenz, a senior producer at SEHSUCHT Berlin and multi-disciplinary creative. Christopher has experience producing film, apps, games (Final Fantasy XI) and VR content (Moderat’s groundbreaking Reminder) in Germany, the US and Japan. As such, he is well poised to integrate the different elements across award categories.

While the deadline for submissions to the awards is fast approaching, there is still time to put work forward for consideration. SVRVIVE, Konrad the Kitten, The BBC, nDreams, National Theatre, Noys, Breakingfourth and others have already submitted work across our 6 award categories. All submissions through <>

Check out <>to see the complete list of guests, sessions and speakers. Follow the twitter @bingewatchvr <> and like on Facebook for more announcements of jury members and speakers, as well as a few surprises. 2016 is the forum where creators, producers, technologists, marketers and entrepreneurs will discuss creativity and the future of the VR industry. is part of the Reeperbahn Festival, a highlight of the global entertainment industry calendar. Reeperbahn Festival will bring a dazzling variety of emerging talent across art, film, literature and music to Hamburg from September 21st to 24th.


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