Sometimes overhearing a conversation can be just as juicy as your meal. That’s the idea behind Brunch, a new virtual reality dramedy series. Through the series, the viewer sits at different brunches and eavesdrops on Olive, a twentysomething girl who thinks she’s got it together but really doesn’t. Olive “brunches” with people close to her—friends, family, coworkers, lovers—and the viewer learns who Olive is through the prism of these brunches. While that’s going on, the viewer also gets to explore stylish restaurants and drool over delicious food. In the pilot episode, available now on Vimeo for $2.99, Olive has a “post mortem” breakup brunch with her ex-boyfriend.



A virtual reality experience is about as intimate as you can get in entertainment. What better way to make use of that intimacy than to listen in on a scintillating conversation? That’s the conceit behind the VR experience “Brunch.” Once you put on the headset, you’ll be transported to a stylish restaurant straight out of Architectural Digest. You’ll get to explore all the design accouterments surrounding you, as well as the decadent “food porn” put right in front of you at your table. But it’s when you start hearing the couple sitting next to you when things get really exciting. You’ll hear the kind of conversation that, if this happened in real life, as soon as you left the restaurant you’d call your friend and say, “You won’t believe what I just overheard.” The experience is voyeuristic in the best possible way


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