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Burning Man VR Camp Launched Kickstarter Campaign By Shannon Norrell

Burning Man is going to have its first ever VR Camp! The man behind the VR project is Shannon Norrell, a longtime Burner and VR enthusiast.


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This year, Shannon Norrell is bringing the best of virtual reality and newest VR technology to Burning Man 2015 @ Black Rock City in beautiful Nevada desert!


Burning Man – Once In A Lifetime Experience

Burning Man is the world’s most fascinating and wildest gathering; I wouldn’t call it a party, because it is a combination of music festival, dance party, spiritual gathering, and art exhibition.


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A city built from ground zero in Black Rock City desert, the camping areas spreads out beautifully like ray of lights!


With more than 60,000 attendees each, to get the tickets, you have to try very very and very hard to get the tickets, you have to enter ticket lotteries to register. Two years ago, we had 8 computers on-board to secure our Burning Man tickets, and we were extremely lucky!



Anything goes in Burning Man, the experience is mind blowing. A week of madness and spiritual journey, whatever you are looking for or seek, it will rock your boat!


burning man

The hightlight and closing ceremony of every year’s Burning Man!


It’s all about peace, love, unity and respect. However, there are also strict rules when attending the event, to many, Burning Man is spiritual and symbolized many beautiful things in life. One of the most famous rules when attending Burning Man is not leaving anything behind, no rubbish, no trash and no human waste of any kind.


shannon norrell trojan horse

Shannon Norrell – The Man Who Built That Amazing Trojan Horse

Shannon Norrell had participated in several interesting Burning Man project and creative art installation including The Trojan Horse and Alien Siege Machine, both estimated had total 40,000 Burning Man participants.


VR Camp Burning Man Funding Campaign Now On KickStater

The revival and rebirth of virtual reality as a great movement that will change the way we live! Shannon wants to introduce VR technology to the BM community. VR Camp project funding campaign was first and previously launched on Indiegogo, and was cancelled to move and relaunch on Kickstarter.


The VRCamp is full-scale VR experience camp, it will have a 30’ x 20’ screen for cinema display for VR experiences such as “motion-capture suits tied to a giant Godzilla and a Mechanoid who dance together along with the crowd.” 2 screening will be hosted on the screen display every night.


Two large VR demo tents dubbed “expo tents” by the size of 40’ x 20’ will be located on each side of the screen. Eight VR demo stations will be running the newest VR equipment, device, software and app.


The SVVR Team ( Silicon Valley Virtual Reality ) will be at Burning Man to set up the VR Camp. These VR professionals will be making sure the Burners to have their greatest virtual reality experiences ever!


The Kickstarter pledged reward for backers are pretty attractive, here are two that we highly recommend:


Pledge $400 or more VR CAMP GOLDEN SVVR TICKET – Virtual Reality Premier Event

A two-days all access pass to SVVR Conference & Expo in May 2016. One of the most important virtual reality events in the U.S.


Pledge $1,000 or more THE VOID – Virtual Reality Entertainment Theme Park

One of the most anticipated virtual reality project in 2016 – The VOID, the VOID team has been tight-lips about all its future plans. Price, ticket information has not been announced. You can one of the earliest The VOID Entertainment theme park beta testers if you pledge this reward now!


the void virtual reality theme park

The VOID will transform you into futuristic robot fighters!

the void vr


A round-trip flight to Salt Lake City in Utah, where the first The VOID theme park is built. On top of that, you will also get a nice rental car and a free dinner. It’s like an offer that you can’t pass or resist!


A list of VR companies is showing support to VR Camp project by sponsoring equipment and software including Vidia, HP, Leap Motion, Perception Neuron, Google Cardboard. You can also support the VR Camp Project by pledging on Kickstarter:




You can also support Burning Man VR Camp as a sponsor, please contact Shannon Norrell:




Burning Man VR Camp Official Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/BurningManVR


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