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Deepoon VR Launches New PC Helmet E3

Deepoon VR (previously known as Deepoon), a Chinese leading VR manufacturing corporate launched its brand new PC helmet E3 in Beijing, China on March 28th. A series of other new products were also showcased at the launch event.

The establishment of the Virtual Reality Application Branch by the CCEA (China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association) was also announced at the event. The branch aims at facilitating the application of VR technology in different industries, enforcing effective supervision and management of the VR field, popularizing and furthering all-round development of VR technology. Ma Feng, vice chairman of China’s Ministry of Culture Market Department, together with DPVR CEO Chen Zhaoyang, announced the establishment of the VR branch.

Accurate – 360° Room-Scale Positioning

According to Mr Chen, Polaris is a dual-eye laser positioning system which is developed by DPVR’s own R&D team and covers more than 10 inclusive technology patents. With Polaris, E3 is so far the world’s only VR helmet which is equipped with a wholly self-developed laser positioning system.

Compared with the famous single-eye system Lighthouse, Polaris further reduces the amount of laser receivers required and hence the overall weight of E3. For instance, when reaching the same accuracy and the same space covery, Polaris needs only six receivers while Lighthouse needs 32. This improvement makes E3 much lighter.

Polaris can switch between three base station (BS) modes — double-BS, single-BS and no-BS. These three modes can meet different needs from room-scale, middle-scale to desk-scale. Polaris also supports multiple users to play at the same time.

The eye-tracking and facial recognition features of E3 were demonstrated during the event, a demonstration which impressed the audience. These new functions will provide more possibilities for VR socialization.

Clear – Improved Image quality

Image quality is enhanced with E3 as it is now equipped with the AMOLED soft-light eyes-friendly screen which is authorized by Samsung. The resolution of E3 reaches 2560*1440 and the number of pixels is 42.2% higher than similar products from other brands.

Fresnel lens have been adopted by the company for the first time ever to effectively reduce the lattice and prevent dazzle light. The wider 110° FOV further improves the VR experience.

Comfortable – Lighter and user-friendly

Users won’t feel any burden when using this slim helmet as E3 weighs only 297 grams, which makes it the lightest among other products of the same kind. The self-adaptive headband provides more comfort for users, especially for those who wear glasses.

Simple to use – Lower requirement for PC

E3 is compatible with most middle-high level computers and can run smoothly with the device be it a normal notebook or an advanced PC. The assembly process for the E3 is simple as the product is only attached to a few cords and users can choose from a range of cord lengths from 3-5 meters according to their needs and surroundings.

All-round – More Industrial Applications

The application of DPVR E2 and E3 goes far beyond gaming for entertainment. In the video shown at the launch event, E2 and E3 are also applied to other industries such as offline entertainment, education and training, real estate, tourism and much more.

On behalf of the VR-related industries, Ji Zhaohui, VP of Greater China marketing from AMD delivered a speech at the scene. In his speech, he mentioned the AMD Ryzen 7 CPU which is equipped with AMD SenseMI technology. The performance of AMD Ryzen 7 is 257% the performance of the eight-core AMD FX8370, allowing users to experience high-quality VR.

Enjoyable – Rich and fun content

E3 supports the well-known Steam VR platform and contains more than 800 popular VR games. Additionally, with E3, users can access the content available on the three DPVR-owned platforms which include 3Dbobo, DPVR All-In-One VR platform and DPVR Assistant. In total, the three platforms offer more than 10,000 3D/VR films and videos.

13 brand new AAA-level games were globally launched at the event by DPVR, thanks to the companies which collaborated seamlessly with DPVR. Awards were given to these companies in recognition of their great work and contribution.

The E3 Basic Edition (no positioning system) is sold at RMB2299 while the Package Edition (with the Polaris positioning system) is sold at RMB4999. At present, the new E3 is accepting pre-orders on JD.com, a Chinese e-commerce platform.


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