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Crunchfish and Nibiru Provide AR Gesture Control for Polaroid

Nasdaq First North-listed Crunchfish entered a partnership with the Chinese company Nibiru in 2018, where they will re-sell Crunchfish’s gesture control technology as an integrated part of their system for AR and VR. Nibiru has now signed agreement with Chinese based Shenzhen ARTS-STAR Technology for a Polaroid branded all-in-one AR-HMD.

The Polaroid AR-HMD is initially for the Chinese market but target a global market as a next step. The AR-HMD has a consumer profile but will also target other areas like museums and education.

“The collaboration between Nibiru and Crunchfish enhance the interactive ability of Nibiru AR- system. The convenient and lightweight gesture interaction adds more usage scenarios of XR. Nibiru and Crunchfish mutually benefit from their cooperation and work together to provide more user-operation friendly AR/VR interactive technology”, says Nibiru VP Peter Liu.

“On the basis of not increasing any hardware cost, we make our devices and interaction more convenient and user-operation friendly. As for our products, product strength and market competitiveness have been improved. Nibiru and Crunchfish provide us with an integrated solution that allows us to focus only on production” says Polaroid General Manager Jeff Zou.

“We are very happy to be part of Nibiru’s successful roll-out of their AR-system. Polaroid is a strong brand and will play an important role in the marketing of our joint offer with Nibiru”, says Crunchfish CEO Joakim Nydemark.

The cooperation with Nibiru strengthens Crunchfish’s position further as one of the leading suppliers of gesture control for smart AR-glasses. Over the last year, Crunchfish has entered several strategic partnerships with major global players, which is a key factor for success in a growing market.

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Winberg, Sales Director,

+46 702 126 129,

Joakim Nydemark, CEO,

+46 706 351 609,

This is not a regulatory press release, the content has previously been published in Swedish as a regulatory press release.

About Crunchfish

Crunchfish develops and markets patented interaction solutions for augmented reality and m-commerce. Our technologies make it possible to control AR glasses and consumer electronics with gestures. We are a world leader in this field, with installed software in tens of millions of devices in partnership with customers including OPPO, Epson and Lenovo. In m-commerce we focus on near-field interaction, operating through our subsidiary Crunchfish Proximity. Using proprietary app terminal and software we provide touch-based voucher redemption and payments through a joint venture company, Blippit, in partnership with ClearOn. Headquartered in Sweden, Crunchfish was founded in 2010 and has been listed on Nasdaq First North since 2016.

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