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Delight VR – The VR Player for Showcasing 360 Degree VR content on Websites

No programming required! Delight VR enables it’s users to smoothly integrate a multitude of VR content with their websites using HTML only. The player works with all common HMDs across all platforms and is easy to customize.


Customers can make their VR content stand out with Delight VR and benefit from Delight Engine’s high-end performance and stability across all browsers.

  • Engineered specifically for seamless web integration.
  • Works across all platforms, on mobile and on desktop.
  • Supports every common VR headset (HMD).
  • Customizable to fit your corporate design.

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Delight VR Suite

Delight VR Suite consists of multiple elements each representing different media types. Users can publish images, videos, interactive tours and 3D content. Each element has its own HTML tag for easy website integration.

Delight VR Video and Image are available with Beta Access

Starting May 9th users can get access to the first to products in the Delight VR Suite.

Delight VR Video

Enables users to embed VR video directly into their website. Supports all common VR Video formats.

An example of Delight VR Video in the sites HTML markup would look like this:

<dl8-video title=”Example 01″ format=”STEREO_180_LR”>
<source src=”e1.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ />
<source src=”e1.webm” type=”video/webm” />

Delight VR Image

Enables users to embed 360° images directly into their websites. Supports HDR and stereo formats.

As an example, integrating an image is as easy as:

<dl8-img src=”example2.jpg” title=”Example 02″ format=”STEREO_360_TB”></dl8-img>


Delight VR Suite will be extended with new products soon!

Five more product lines are in the making:

  • Delight VR 360° Tour
    • Users can create an interactive tour by connecting multiple 360° images declaratively via HTML.
  • Delight VR 3D Model
    • Users can embed 3D models directly into their websites using Delight Engine’s state of the art physically based rendering pipeline.
  • Delight VR 3D Image
    • Users can transform any image into a lively 3D scene by using Delight VR’s newest 3D image technology and make it explorable in VR, within minutes.
  • Delight VR Image Gallery
    • Let’s user’s images shine in a new light in VR by effortlessly transforming them with our Delight VR Image Gallery element.
  • Delight VR IBR Walkthrough
    • Users can create breathtaking interactive 3D experiences with full freedom of movement from high-quality 360° offline renderings.

And that’s just the beginning!

Integration made easy

Delight VR is built for super-easy web integration: Hosting their own content, users add the personalized script embed to their site or blog and start transforming their content into VR using the Delight VR Suite elements in no time. It’s that easy.

  • Support for all common VR video formats
  • Perfect for inline embedding.
  • Clean and easy-to-use declarative syntax.
  • Minimal script overhead on your site.

<script src=”//”></script>

<dl8-video poster=”poster-img.jpg” format=”STEREO_360_TB”>
<source src=”video.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ />

Powered by Delight Engine

Delight VR is powered by xymatic GmbH’s best in class in-house WebGL 3D engine. Check out some of the projects that were realized with DELIGHT in production.

Available in Beta for free as of now!

Interested companies and individuals can request beta access free of charge as of May 9th. They can head to to be part of the VR web-transformation!

For parties with a technical interest on how to embed Delight VR, a detailed documentation page is available at:


About xymatic — the company behind Delight VR

Since it’s founding in 2011 xymatic always tried to push the boundaries of the digital space. Be it for their own products or solving problems for it’s clients. Be it new mediums, novel means of interaction, 3D real-time graphics or even advanced machine learning solutions. In everything that xymatic does, they strive for the highest possible mark.

For xymatic that mark is reached when excellence in design and custom tailored high end technology complement each other so well that the boundaries between possible and impossible blur. When it just feels magical.

You can checkout a small glimpse of what xymatic did over the years here and some very exciting stuff coming in the future.

The Future Web

xymatic are especially devoted to the web and web technology since it’s the future of sharing and consuming content in a connected world full of diverging platforms and devices. This is why xymatic developed DELIGHT. Possibly the most advanced web 3D engine currently out there.


Over the years xymatic’s technology was used in lots of exciting projects ranging from games, product configurators to micro experiences. And because we deeply care about WebGL, WebVR, 3D and the community around it they founded the first WebGL Meetup Group in Berlin where members discuss exciting new trends in web development, real-time graphics and more.


Author: VR Reporter

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