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DeoVR Releases User-Friendly 360 Video Player

DeoVR has announced the launch of its video player for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, providing another link in the VR chain.


According to the company, it’s easy to watch VR and streaming YouTube 360 videos on Oculus Rift with the DeoVR player, with the software receiving accolades among users on the popular Reddit site.


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Reddit hosts a variety of VR discussions — including those involving adult industry fans and operators, such as those here and here.


“We have received a lot of feedback from Reddit,” says a DeoVR rep, “and are working on new features to make [the player] even better.”


Among the main features of the DeoVR player are a simple and intuitive interface for loading local files, with support for 360- and 180-degree video, flat screens with Side-By-Side and Top-Bottom 3D support, and impressive sagittal plane zoom and tilt functions.


The Deo VR player also delivers automatic detection of projection and stereoscopy in many videos and saves screen settings for previously loaded videos.


The company plans future releases that will bring Vive, GearVR and cardboard compatibility to DeoVR.


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