Dermalogica Releases New Virtual Reality E-Commerce Retail Store

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It is no longer a dream to be able to walk into a cosmetic store through a portal in your home. Instead of shopping on the 2D screen, Dermalogica created a VR e-commerce storefront to offer its newest products. 

Customers visitings the virtual reality storefront is greeted by virtual avatar of Dr. Angela Murphy, VP of technology and innovation of Dermalogica. 

The VR store provides access to the company’s free skin analysis face mapping tool, and educational videos relating to Dermalogica products and services. Since it’s launch in July, the page successfully drove over 5,000 session and 17,000 page views. People can learn and buy Dermalogica products like never before. 

Kenna Wynne-Jones, associate director of brand marketing at Dermalogica says

“It’s now easier than ever for people to access education from the comfort of their home. It’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. But because there are so many places where consumers are receiving education, [Dermalogica is trying to] establish ourselves on these platforms to try and transform our education in new, fun and immersive ways.”

Over the past year, Dermalogica has been focusing on livestream shopping, alongside with live chat ability to speak with an aesthetician. The company has since strong growth, seeing double-digit growth year-over-year. 

The success of VR store enable their ability to optimize brand awareness, and drive tons of traffic to the e-commerice store, The company has been promoting the VR store front via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Wynn-Jones says 

“We coined this virtual experience the ‘Future of Skin Care.’ We’re hoping people go through the experience and get a better understanding of what Dermalogica is all about, [including] our commitment to education and our trusted skin therapists,”.

Neha Singh, CEO of Obsess, the e-commerce company that Dermalogica hired to develop the VR storefront, notes that this type of virtual reality storefront is a natural progression based on the rapid adoption and growth of e-commerce. Over the past year, Obsess experienced a 400% increase in business opportunities relating to the company's proprietary VR e-commerce software primarily designed for beauty and fashion brands. 

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