Design Mill Inc. Releases of Eclipse VR™ VR Headset


Design Mill Inc. Releases of Eclipse VR™ Virtual_Reality_Headset

Design Mill, Inc., a pioneering systems integrator and visualization innovator, announces the launch of Eclipse VR™, a new virtual reality solution designed to provide an immersive and collaborative virtual reality experience.


Capable of integrating with multiple capture devices including Leica Geosystems ScanStation laser scanners, 360 degree cameras, and various picture and video capture devices, Eclipse VR™ can also achieve multiple output displays to VR headsets and tablets.




VR experiences can be explored with an individual device or can be networked on a series of devices for a simultaneous experience. Utilizing a VR network, a guide directs the experience and virtual environment on all connected devices. “Think ‘virtual go-to meeting,’ explains Design Mill CEO, Nathan Greiner, “a VR guide acts as the presenter focusing the audience on specific scenes or elements within virtual scenes.”


Design Mill expects integration will be widespread with industries at the forefront to include real estate, education, defense, forensics and construction. Slated for release first is an Eclipse VR™ integration with Leica Geosystems. Design Mill has joined Leica’s Geosystems Partner Network to take advantage of their SDKs and harness the power of Leica TruView Global in Design Mill’s new VR solution for point cloud data.


Eclipse VR™ kits will include a VR headset, smartphone, and Bluetooth remote controller. In addition to hardware Design Mill plans to offer custom software development and integration services to create or transition existing content and systems into the virtual space.


Experience an Eclipse VR™ demo at at Leica Geosystems (booth #1434) at Modern Day Marine on Sept 27-29, 2016 in Quantico, VA. Purchase this or other Leica Geosystems products utilizing the TLS Contract via Darley Defense. (Booth #3116)


Eclipse VR™ can also be previewed at Leica’s booth at Intergeo on October 11-13, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

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