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Digital Domain Holdings Live-Streams ICC 2015 W/ LeTV Sports

In 2015, Chinese soccer fans will be able to watch and experience International Champion Cup soccer tournament in an immersive 360 degree live-streaming at their homes on a VR headset.


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The company making this possible is Digital Domain Holdings, one of the world’s largest independent visual effects companies.


letv sports logoDigital Domain Partnered W/ Letv Sports

Digital Domain has joined force with Letv Sports, a multimedia sports entertainment company to bring the virtual reality viewing experience to soccer fans in China’s Shanghai and Guangzhou provinces in July.


Digital Domain – IM360 Technology By Immersive Media

The patented live-streaming VR technology is supported by IM360, a breakthrough technology developed by Digital Domain’s partner Immersive Media, the company behind Google’s street view technology. Below is a 360 degree video captured by IM360!


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Immersive Media / IM360 is one of the few companies that can live-stream virtual reality content directly to VR headsets and mobile devices with IM360 app installed.


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Teresa Teng Hologram In Concert By Digital Domain Holdings Inc.

The partnership between Digital Domain Holdings Inc. and Immersive Media was formed back in April 2015, one of the first collaborated project was a concert held in Taiwan. A Taiwanese legendary singer Teresa Teng who has passed away years ago, appeared on stage as a hologram. The concert was captured using IM360’s 360 video camera rig.


Daniel Seah Ang-Chairman & Chief Executive of Digital Domain Quote

“Once viewers experience IM360’s lifelike 360-degree experience, we anticipate they’ll be demanding it for all their favourite events.”


“By utilising live-streaming in a 360-degree atmosphere, we are planning to provide more exciting virtual reality experiences for a variety of sporting events, live performances, concerts and other popular entertainment activities in the future to bring this content to more markets in Asia.”


“New visual experiences are exploding across the world, impacting advertising, television, film and gaming.”


VR Industry Is About To Explode In China

Chinese market and Chinese VR industry as a whole is gaining momentum in 2015. Several Chinese VR startups have launched their VR products. Longze introduced 9D gaming motion simulator, Kat Walk launched a simulator that’s aiming to solve the locomotion issue, and the biggest VR news today is OnePlus2 launched and live-streamed their product from their VR app, which marks the world’s first ever product launch in virtual reality, demonstrating and proving that the business model is viable!


Landmark Entertainment will be building China’s first VR entertainment theme park, expected to launch in 2018. A virtual reality theme park that is a bit similar to The Void, which is a U.S. based VR entertainment theme park expected to open in 2016 at Salt Lake City, Utah. The Landmark VR theme park project is funded by a group of anonymous Chinese investors. The VR game is on in China.


Content Source: South China Morning Post

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