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Educational VR Platform Unimersiv Releases Rome VR – A New Experience That Allows Users To Explore The Wonders of Ancient Rome

“Other Unimersiv experiences include exploring the Acropolis of Athens, Stonehenge, Titanic, and the International Space Station”

Leading educational VR platform Unimersiv today announces the launch of Rome VR. Although the empire has long fallen, the new VR app lets users explore Rome as it was centuries ago.


Unimersiv is on a mission to intensify education, and help students of all ages learn faster through VR. Instead of learning with books or documentaries, the company helps curious minds discover historical places through immersive VR experiences – and what better place to explore than Rome, one of the most iconic cities of all time.


Available on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear, Rome VR takes users on a 15 minute guided tour to see all the major monuments that made the city so fascinating – from the Colosseum, the Temple of Venus and Rome, the Circus Maximus, to the Colossus of Nero. The tour is narrated by an engaging voice actor, but also includes text information to ensure users don’t miss out on any key details. Even more, Rome VR displays high quality 360° before-and-after pictures of monuments, so users can compare Ancient Rome to how it looks today.


“We’re so pleased to announce the launch of Rome VR, a truly accurate and engaging representation of Ancient Rome. After taking a tour, there’s no way users will forget the wealth of information they’ve absorbed about one of the most impressive cities ever built,” said Baptiste Grève, CEO and Founder of Unimersiv.


Rome VR was developed with the help of historical 3D modelling specialists, and written by in-house researchers. It was then shared with a group of beta testers and historians to give feedback on the accuracy of the experience, and ensure the app was a powerful educational tool.


According to American educator Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning, students retain 10 percent of what they read, 20 percent of what they hear, but 90 percent of what they do. Out-of-classroom experiences can have a profound impact on students – but while a class trip to Rome may be expensive, VR provides educators and learners a like with immersive educational experiences they’ll likely never forget. And when 85 percent of teachers agree VR will have a positive impact on students, it’s proof VR is on the way to disrupting education.

“We imagine a time when people might not even have to go to schools. Schools could simply be VR,” said Grève. “Unimersiv wants to be the platform, or library, you visit to learn about anything using VR – kind of like Netflix for VR and education.”

Download the free Unimersiv app from the Oculus Store to access the Rome VR experience for $1.99.

About Unimersiv

Unimersiv, the leading platform for VR educational experience, is on a mission to help students of all ages learn faster through VR. As the first VR learning platform, Unimersiv’s VR app publishes VR educational content every month, giving users the opportunity to learn about a whole range of historical places through engaging, immersive experiences.

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