Immersive VR Education Launch VR Training Platform ENGAGE Oasis

Immersive VR Education, the company behind the VR training platform, ENGAGE, announced today a new addition to a rising ecosystem of virtual meeting solutions, namely, ENGAGE Oasis.

This corporate metaverse will be available in 2022, serving as a virtual meeting platform for businesses, colleges students, and professional looking to conduct their business in the virtual world without boundaries or borders.

The VR platform is specifically designed for enterprise application, enabling small to large organizations to expand user base by catering to remote services in virtual reality. They plan to do this in a combination of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

Originally inspired by the movie, Ready Player One, ENGAGE Oasis is the business focused metaverse that enables connections 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The platform aims to develop a could-based digital city where companies can be interconnected around the world, and around the clock.

Avatars will be customs for professional use, with no limits to branding possibilities for clients to use the platforms to establish their own specific needs. The platform may look entirely different amongst different owners to set their specific guideline and restrictions.

The company CEO, David Whelan says he wish ENGAGE Oasis to be the LinkedIn of the virtual world. This is where corporations, professionals, artists, and services providers would have the opportunity to meet and connect. With the global pandemic situation, business are rapidly thinking how to interact beyond travel restrictions. This is why the company is confident that ENGAGE Oasis has enormous potential for growth.

ENGAGE has become a leader in virtual communications, with growing clients base through the world. The ENGAGE platform has attracted major players in the mixed reality space, including Facebook, Abbott Laboratories, MongoDB, KPMG, and the US State Department.

Immersive VR Education is now taken another leaps forward to create functional virtual ecosystem for virtual office, campus, and events solutions.

Currently available on major VR headsets, desktops, and mobile (iOS and Android), ENGAGE has services numerous VR events since 2016. Over past few months, Morehouse College announced the launch of two new class held exclusively on the ENGAGE platform. Recently, HTC utilized the platform to announce their partnership between Bandai Namco Pictures and Vive.

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