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The Evolution of Advertising and Marketing – what’s next?

The way that our customers like to be sold to has changed. We live in a society were our customers will fast forward through the TV adverts, ignore the pop-up banners and click ‘skip’ on the YouTube adverts as quickly as possible.

When did you last hear a business in any sector say in an advert that they are ‘OK’ or ‘average’ or even that there is ‘probably better out there’? Never. Everyone is the best market leader and the best possible choice for the customer.

We all know about some of the options available when it comes to marketing, be the in Print, Digital or TV/ Radio. With all of these different options available, how can you set your company apart? By using experiences to advertise to your customers. How do you do that? With Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Advertising and marketing

3D Redshift plan to be at the forefront of the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Marketing revolution. Utilising a blended marketing approach of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence, combined with more traditional digital marketing platforms and strategies, 3D Redshift ensures that their clients not only reach all customers, but also fully immerse them in their brand.

First Burnley, next world domination!

From their head office on the outskirts of Burnley, 3DRedshift now reach across Europe, North America, Southern Africa and the Middle East.

Philip Pelucha, 3DRedshifts Commercial Director and Tom Giokabari, Creative Director, have been invited as expert speakers to present at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai in June.

This will be the first time that 3DRedshift will present in Asia and their presentation is focused on how companies of all sizes can modernise and evolve their advertising and marketing with VR & AR. This presentation will be shared on 3DReshifts website once the exhibition in Shanghai in completed.

What does the future hold for VR and AR Advertising and Marketing?

In 2016 the VR market was worth approximately $1.6 Billion. Interestingly, Superdata research recently said that by 2020, the VR market will be worth a staggering $38 billion. That’s 20x what it was in 2016! Combine that with Goldman Sachs claiming that by 2025 VR is set to be an $85 billion a year industry, outpacing the TV market by way of revenue. The question you should be asking is ‘can my business afford NOT to be utilizing Virtual and Augmented Reality advertising?’

Sell through experiences.

Review site Trip Advisor had 300 million users in January 2017. Why are these sites so popular? Because it allows customers with the opportunity to maximise the potential of having a great experience by seeing who else has experienced somewhere fantastic.

But what if you could take this one step further? Imagine being able to read the reviews, and then walk around the hotel or resort in VR, to view the rooms and see the hotel prior to visiting. Then, with Augmented Reality, you have the ability to book your room and customize your booking from within the 360 content.

What size audience can I reach?

Given that all you need to view 360 content is a smartphone, your audience is huge. In fact, the latest Mobility Report from Ericson said that the number of smartphone users by 2020 would top 6.1 billion people!

How do we get started?

Great question! Contact 3DRedshift today to explore the options available and find out how they can help you to make money from VR/AR advertising and marketing. The experts from 3DRedshift will guide you through the entire process and provide you with tips on how to do it effectively!

Mobile World Congress – Asia.

If you are keen to learn more about MWC in Shanghai, please click on the link below. Visitor tickets are available in limited numbers with over 75k already sold and many more day visitors expected.


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