Expanses VR Game Launching on Kickstarter Soon


Developer: Shuographics Studio

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia

Genre: Exploration-Adventure

Release date: summer 2017

Platforms: –

Website: http://shuographics.com/expanses

Regular Price: –

Materials: http://bit.ly/2eQK1DI

Kickstarter Link on this page.


“Expanses” is a story adventure game with use of VR technology. Action takes place in three unique expanses where all living things gradually dies out.

By eyes of a grey wolf you can see the darkest corners of the dense woods, fly up on wings of owl into the night sky or in a penguin’s body jump from the iceberg into the cold water!

You’ll be able to look on the world by their perspective, recover thesу beautiful expanses and create your own world.
“Only you build this world. Only you decide what it would be.”




“From mysterious depths of the ocean, to the sparkling Universe stars.” – Dumbledore

We offer you an amazing story, into the atmosphere of which you can literally immerse thanks to VR technology.

The main task for the player is to restore this wonderful nature, to change a landscape and to let the rivers flow, let the animals return on these beautiful lands. In other words – gradually bring them to life, interacting with different objects and their inhabitants.

In each expanse series of interesting quests are waiting for you. During the game player will find hints that will lead him to the main element of a certain expanse. There will exist 6 mystical elements: water, wind, fire, earth, ice, and metal – 3 for the main spaces and 3 for bonus. By means of these elements you will be able to engender life in each world, and also, having collected all elements – to open a new secret location.

For the restoration of the worlds in an arsenal of the player are 6 main actions:

  • Movement of objects
  • Its destruction
  • Movement from one animal to another
  • Change of a landscape (terraforming)
  • Local change of an environment
  • Performance of quests and search of hints

We have decided to create such VR game which wouldn’t exist only for entertainment, but also would touch on global issues of our world, for example extinction of rare species of animals and death of the whole natural ecosystems.
To look on the dying world from the animal’s perspective – isn’t it a the best way to understand?

1. Innovative technology – We refused all classical ways of control such as a joystick, gamepad, keyboard, and so on. In the game we are using our own technology that we called Focal and Interactive zone where you need just to look and focus on the object to interact with it.

2. Original design – We have developed nontrivial 3D style which is created by our professional artists. It harmoniously is entered in the scenario and the concept of our game. The main thing is that by means of our high quality design game will support even the weakest devices! It is a big advantage of our game.

3. Raises global issues – We have decided to create such VR game which would not only become the successful project in the world of entertainments, but also would touch on global issues of our world, for example extinction of rare species and death of the whole natural ecosystems.

About Shuographics Studio
We are highly qualified specialists, who for a long time work in the gaming industry, and together have released many interesting projects.

We are based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We – passionate about our common cause and want to create a completely unique game for you, using latest innovative solutions.

Team members:

  • Oleg Shuldyakov – Creative Director/Art Director
  • Ivan Larionov – Executive Director
  • Albert Idrisov – Marketing & Business Development Manager
  • Anastasia Muravtseva – Public Relations (PR) Manager
  • Artem Bondich – Sr. Software Engineer
  • Vitaliy Nefedkin – Unity3d Engineer
  • Pasha Sudakov – Head of Digital Production
  • Dima Komarov – Head of Video Production
  • Evgenii Korolev – 3D Graphic Designer
  • Danil Dimchenko – 3D Graphic Designer/level designer
  • Nikolay Aladinskii – Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Akop Shahnazaryan – Graphic Designer

More information are available on http://shuographics.com


Web / http://shuographics.com/expanses

Facebook / https://www.facebook.com/shuographics

Twitter / https://twitter.com/shuographics

E-Mail / larionov@shuographics.com; idrisov@shuographics.com; shuldyakov@shuographics.com


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