Facebook Acquires BigBox VR-Developer of Popular One

Facebook announced today their latest acquisition of a VR production, BigBox VR would be the fifth acquisition the social media giant has made to date. Population One was launched in 2020 on both Oculus Quest and PC VR, and has since topped the chart as one of the most popular titles.

So far the top six Oculus games has generated over 10 million USD since release, and Facebook currently owns half of those studios. 

In the Oculus blog, Facebook notes that Population One VR has consistently ranked as a top performing game title on the Oculus ecosystem. Similar with previous acquisition, Facebook's plan is to accelerate the studio's growth, as well as keeping the company as part of the company's culture.

The company says

“We’re excited to help BigBox VR grow and accelerate their vision for POPULATION: ONE as a state-of-the-art VR social gaming experience, as well as pursue future projects, with access to the resources and support of Facebook and Oculus Studios,”
“All while maintaining the team’s creativity, disciplined methodology, and commitment to community. Welcome to the family

The game is currently available on both Oculus platform as well as PC VR, although fans speculate whether the Facebook has plans to make the title exclusively for Oculus ecosystem in the future. However, according Facebook, Population One will continued to be supported by both Oculus and non-oculus platforms. 

BigBox VR is best known for developing Population One, however, they have started developing VR games such as Smashbox Arena as early as 2016. 

Facebook's fifth acquisition in the VR landscape seems to align their effort to gain control over the best VR apps and the people behind these development. Over the past facebook has acquired the following studios (games):

  • Beat Games (Beat Saber)
  • Sanzaru Game (Asgard's Wrath and more)
  • Ready at Daw (lone Echo and more)
  • Downpour Interactive (Onward)

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