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Checkout This New Facebook 360 Open-source Camera

360 degree cameras are designed to enable a new generation of filmmaking, and these type of cameras are becoming increasingly popular from cheap to high-end devices currently flooding the market. While you can produce cheap 360 content with a something like a Richoh Theta that will cost you couple hundred dollars, other professional 360 video cameras will costs tens of thousands of dollars.



While Oculus was somewhat portrayed as a game focused company in the past, this week their parent company Facebook announced that they will be releasing their own 360 camera this summer…for free!


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The Facebook 360 camera will costs $30,000 in off-the-shelf material acquisition, however, Facebook has no interest of becoming a 360 camera manufacturer, rather their goal is the enable to world to create and share 360 video content.


facebook surround 360 cam

FB Presents Surround360 Rig

The camera, Surround360, is a 360 camera that has 14 rigs uses 17 cameras. One fish-eye cameras pointing upward and two pointing downward to help VR filmmakers produced 360 videos without capturing the pole that is connected to the 360 cam, a common problem that VR filmmakers experience. The camera is run by custom designed software, exposure, shutter speed, analog sensor gain, and frame rate are all controllable via a simple web interface, so any device that supports a html browser can record.


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Facebook engineer Brian Cabral says


“You can treat it like an ordinary camera,” Cabral says of the Surround360. “You plug it in. You hit record. You get a big data file out. And it somehow gets turned into a seamless video, just like you would with any video camera.”


With a up to 4k, 6k, and 8k for each individual eye, the software’s algorithm will enable a much more efficient post-production, cutting production time by to 1/7 of the current post-production effort. The reference design of the 360 camera looks slick, shaped like a UFO. The solution solves a wide range of current technical problem, and all the hardware and software designs will be open-sourced on Github, as the company is promoting amateurs to professionals to build their own camera.


The cameras utilize a global shutter instead of a rolling one, which ensures the footage does not display artifacts from the closing of individual shutters. According Facebook, this camera will be the best on the market in it’s range.


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