Oculus Users Blacklash Against Facebook for VR Gaming Advertisements

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg  at a recent conference announced that the company is launching its advertising mechanism in the Oculus Quest headset, which is supposed to generate revenue for developers.

The company hit a major setback after the only named developer partner backs out due to a backlash from gamers. The news came soon after Zuckerberg's recent announcement that it would start to test ads on the Oculus headset through a partnership with Blaston developer Resolution Games and two other unnamed developers.

In response to Facebook's recent announcement, gamers flooded the Oculus store for Blaston, a one star rating game on the Oculus store that sells for $9.99, leaving behind comments such as

“Ads in a game I paid for? hell no, blaston is getting uninstalled for ever and I’m not gonna buy a single game [from] this company from now on,” wrote one reviewer.
“If I see ads show up on a game I paid money to purchase and play, I will be uninstalling the game and asking for a refund,” wrote another.

It is clear that Resolution Games clearly got the market feedback and decided to back out from Facebook's advertising pilot program. The company recently Twitted that after listening to player's feedback, they realized that Blason is not the best candidate for this kind of advertisement test, and no longer to implement the test. However, the company is currently considering moving the pilot ad program to a free game "Bait!"

Author: VR Reporter

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