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Fantastic Contraption: VR Building Game Using HTC Vive Pre Mixed Reality Demo Session

Virtual Reality is definitely more fun and engaging when playing and interacting with other players within the same virtual environment. A recently example is a video uploaded by Jasper Brekelmans, showing a interesting collaborative Virtual Reality experimentation involving multiple players using HTC Vive headsets.


The possibilities of multi-player VR experience, simulation and application is endless, here is where the widely popular building game Fantastic Contraption comes into play, a game was launched back in 2008 and millions of people had played the game!

Developers from Northway Games and Radial Games, along with the original creator Colin Northway has made a new version of Fantastic Contraption, they powered it up with VR, put it on steroids and turned it into a VR building game! The demo video below is described as Mixed Reality experience by Northway, as these cool cats sits down and talked about the potential of multi-player VR gaming experiences!

Fantastic Contraption htc vive

Fantastic Contraption In VR Using HTC Vive Streaming On Twitch

The Fantastic Contraption Mixed-Reality video below is an excerpt taking from the stream of Colin Northway’s Official Twitch channel. For people who hasn’t tried VR or HTC Vive, the video would serve as a nice demo to give them a nice glimpse of what it’s like to be inside Virtual Reality and interact with virtual objects with HTC Vive!

The following article via Gamesutra is showing the behind-the-scene and how the Mixed Reality demo video is made!


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