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FuseLab Creative Adds Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to its Services List

FuseLab Creative, a creative agency in the DC region, has begun offering Virtual Reality and Augmented Realityservices to its clients. With this new offering, FuseLab clients can show off their new office space to potential customers across the world with a new level of intimacy, while also creating “real life” employee training modules, and exhibiting new products in ways only dreamed of in the past.

FuseLab has already created some remarkable Virtual Reality work: Recently creating an on-the-job-training systemwhere employees are able to experience what it’s like to do construction at the top of skyscrapers, or what it’s like to be a doctor treating patients in a humanitarian danger zone.

“We’ve been talking about adding this service for a while and now that it’s here, our office environment has been truly energized, it’s like a whole new company has been born within our existing company,” said Caposino.

FuseLab Creative, has already been on the move to become one of the region’s fastest growing UI/UX creative agencies, outranking thousands of competitors on the prestigious industry website Behance.net, often ranking as high as number 1 and number 2 in the UI/UX category.

The Top UX Design Agency hopes to build off of the successful debut of the Augmented Reality work featured at Comic-con; where fans were able to interact with Wonder Woman in a truly and surprising way. The augmented reality exhibit, developed for DC comics created a must-see destination for visitors. While VR headsets are becoming more readily available, offering an authentic Augmented Reality experience wrapped in a cost-effective application is a hard-to-ignore alternative with a potential to transform the whole industry.

The VR/AR industry is expected to reach a benchmark of $120 billion within the next few years. “So much has changed in the past 10 years in the way people consume digital media, having VR/AR as a service option seems to be slowly becoming a requirement for any creative agency that wants to remain relevant,” concluded Caposino.

About FuseLab Creative LLC : FuseLab Creative is a UX Design company in Tysons Corner, VA, founded in 2017, serving clients on both coasts. FuseLab has designed 500+ custom design projects for various types of clients from different industries, including aerospace, government, e-commerce, healthcare and heath IT, education, transportation, nonprofits.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Marc Caposino at (540) 360-1024, or email marc(at)fuselabcreative(dot)com.

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