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G2A and Dacuda Announce Joint Demo of G2A Land as Part of the Dacuda’s Presence at CES

“Dacuda and G2A have teamed up to provide CES visitors with an exclusive G2A Land Demo running on the setup of the future, consisting of a Dacuda inside-out tracking engine powered iPhone, a slot-in headset, and a PC, for the ultimate affordable PC-VR experience.”


The exclusive demo of G2A Land to CES visitors will run on the latest in virtual reality technology, namely Dacuda’s SLAM Scan® 3D tracking engine, which brings room-scale VR to smartphones used in a slot-in style headset such as a Google Cardboard. The tracking is done completely on the smartphone, but tethering it to a PC that renderers high-quality graphics, allows everyone to enjoy room-scale PC-VR titles such as G2A Land by simply using their smartphone as a VR headset.


The SLAM Scan® 3D engine works by enabling real-time 6DoF inside-out positional tracking and 3D scanning by simply using a smartphone’s regular camera in a structure from motion approach. This allows players to walk through a room without having to set up external trackers, thus drastically reducing the cost of a room-scale VR setup. “We see great advantages in this approach, because it is low-cost, and doesn’t require any setup, which is key to bringing VR games like G2A Land to more people,” said Dave Traeger, G2A Strategic Development Manager, “VR games is a growing market, but the headset adoption rate is holding developers back and seeing a VR headset powered by Dacuda, like that one, is a game changer.”


“This is changing the way people perceive VR Headsets. There is no longer a need for two separate Headsets for mobile or PC-VR content, you can enjoy your mobile-VR games and PC-VR titles like G2A Land by simply using your smartphone as a VR headset. ” said Dr. Alexander Ilic CTO of Dacuda, “G2A Land is a great example of a game that speaks to a wide range of audiences, many of which will not have a dedicated VR headset and with technology like ours we are looking to bring them this magical VR experience.” Dacuda licenses its 6DoF tracking technology to leading companies in the VR/AR space. The first commercial product is expected by Dacuda’s lead customer MindMaze with further details by end of this year.


G2A Land will be available to demo exclusively through Dacuda’s latest VR technology at the ZEISS Booth. Additionally, users will be able to purchase G2A Land as soon as it goes on sale next year.

About G2A

G2A.COM is a global digital gaming marketplace with over 50,000 digital products available today. It has over 10 million customers and 260,000 sellers on its marketplace, making it the fastest growing gaming marketplace in the world.

G2A provides a range of products and services including G2A Direct, a developer support system, G2A Pay, an international online checkout solution, and G2A Shield, a premium membership service. In addition to this however, it also offers G2A 3D+, a 3D-printing service, G2A Goldmine, its dedicated affiliate program, and G2A Land, the award-winning virtual reality game.

The company has also invested over 10 million USD in eSports sponsoring multiple gaming teams such as Cloud9, Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere.


About Dacuda AG

Dacuda is a computer vision company that redefines the capabilities of cameras with real‐time 2D and 3D algorithms. As the leading pioneer in software 3D camera technology, Dacuda’s mission is to bring 3D capturing to every consumer by making 3D content creation as easy as taking a video. Dacuda’s software 3D camera helps scale existing 3D use cases to consumers with app‐based scanning and enables novel experiences for Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets. Dacuda is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with locations in Palo Alto, California and Shanghai, China.

Media Contact Dacuda AG:

Lukas Schleuniger, Email: lukas@dacuda.com or via telephone at +41 (44) 295-1040


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