The Glimpse Group Establishes Its 6th Subsidiary: In-It VR, LLC

The Glimpse Group, Inc. (“Glimpse”) a holding company for a diversified portfolio of Virtual Reality (“VR”) and Augmented Reality (“AR”) start-ups, today announced that it has established its 6th subsidiary, In-It VR, LLC, to provide virtual and augmented reality experiences and solutions for brands and advertising campaigns.

Led by its founder, Brennan McTernan, In-It VR utilizes disruptive immersive visual technologies to create compelling VR and AR experiences to support brands, transforming the way companies engage with consumers. The VR branding experience brings the brand to life, delivering direct and memorable interactions that are unique and not possible in other mediums. These life-like experiences are designed to improve retention, increase conversion rates and generate deeper data analytics.

Brennan McTernan has been a technologist for the past 35 years specializing in a variety of computer graphics technologies. Before founding In-It VR, he led the VR Technology effort at Nice Shoes, LLC a provider of integrated design solutions to broadcast, film and commercial clients. Prior to that, Brennan was a software development executive and President at Megatouch, a gaming developer.

Brennan has diverse experience in the field of computer graphics. He has developed photo processing tools, stereo visualization systems, custom rendering software and proprietary motion capture and facial capture technologies, which incorporated VR elements. He was a key developer for the VR theme park ride “Ride-the-Comix” at Disneyworld and developed a full scale VR NASCAR Racer Simulator. Earlier in his career, Brennan was recognized for his work at NBC on the 1988 Olympics with an Emmy for work done in the studio and an Emmy for work done at the remotes.

“The Glimpse Group offers an ideal environment not only for emerging VR/AR developers but for experienced ones as well,” said Mr. McTernan. “The Company’s broad support network represents an invaluable asset in terms of facilitating technological development and speeding time to market, all without the time-consuming burdens of fund raising and extensive firm management.”

“Brennan brings us a wealth of knowledge and experience in the VR/AR field,” said Glimpse President and Chief Executive Officer Lyron Bentovim. “He is a well-respected technologist and we expect In-It VR to generate cutting-edge and revenue producing VR projects. In addition, we will integrate Brennan’s technical expertise and mentorship abilities throughout our organization and subsidiaries.”

The Glimpse Group is a company designed with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR and AR industry. Our unique business model simplifies the many challenges faced by entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing investors with an opportunity to invest directly into the emerging VR/AR space. The Glimpse Group funds, cultivates, and manages business operations while providing a strong network of professional relationships. Being a part of the Glimpse Group allows entrepreneurs to maximize their time and resources in pursuit of their mission-critical endeavors. For more information on The Glimpse Group, visit

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