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Google Expedition & 2015 Cardboard Spec Change

On Thursday at Google I/O, Clay Bavor, the creator of Google Cardboard, shared an exciting new project called “Expedition” and new spec for Google Cardboard.


google education school teacher use google cardboard world

google expedition school children


Expedition is a new Google Education initiates that provides Google Cardboard to school children around the global. The children will be led by a teach with a tablet controlling the travel expedition that shows different places around the world.



Bavor also announced updated spec for 2015’s Google Cardboard, the new model will be able to accommodate a smart mobile device up to six inches, and will support iPhone as well. Will Google and Apple start holding hands and become friends to work together on VR app? Let’s wait and see.




The process of putting together the Cardboard has also been simplified into a 3 steps process, with the magnetic ring being replaced by a button.


Google Expedition and new 2015 Google Cardboard specs are both very exciting news, more information on the Expedition is at here. Now we can finally use the Cardboard with our Samsung tablet and iPhone!


Content & Image Source: Readwrite & Google Education


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