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Ground Runner: VR 1st-person Hover Bike Shooter w/ Touch Control

Ground Runner is a fantastic VR experience with considerate locomotion – one of the first to successfully combine hand held first person shooting with touch controllers and control.

Take control of your Plasma Bike and master pure speed, elegance and aggression as you train to go up against the odds.

Teleport into the mining area around the two abandoned cargo storage pyramids. Use your hand-held weapons to engage with the newly discovered Torsion Crystal auto-miner units and their security escorts.

Gather resources and teleport cargo back to our crashed base ship. Upgrade your plasma bike and secure the area.

About Astrofish Games

Astrofish Games is primarily a VR game development team based in London. As developers, they have a background in both AAA mobile and AAA console gaming which has helped us hugely approaching the technical challenges of VR. Between the them they have worked with Ubisoft, Rocksteady and Nordeus, honing their skills and preparing for their creative indie entrance.

The studio is headed up by Christ Bolton, CEO and Creative Director, who works closely with Bas Smit, the CTO. Astrofish Games has been established since August 2016 and have been solely working on the flagship title Ground Runner: Trials.

Author: VR Reporter

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