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Heymesh: Web Search Engine for VR & AR Game Developers

Heymesh is a web-based search engine enabling VR, AR and game creators to easily find 3D models, has started service.

What is heymesh?

Using heymesh as part of their content creation workflow. VR, AR and game creators can find the 3D and CG models they need. heymesh is a service that makes it possible to search multiple content delivery sites at once.

Why use heymesh?

heymesh makes it possible to search across more than 10 3D/CG upload sites at once. It also enables filtering by licenses allowing transformation or commercial use of those models, polygon count, and price. Using those features, creators using heymesh can easily find the 3D/CG models that fits their needs.

Future outlook

By providing heymesh, MESON solves a common problem encountered by VR, AR and game creators, namely finding the right 3D/CG model they are looking for. Going forward, MESON will be adding more features to heymesh, including solving the problem of making the 3D/CG models. By making content creation easier to VR, AR and game creators, MESON aims to accelerate the advent of the VR/AR age.

Corporate profile

Company name: MESON, inc.

Founded:September 2017


Address:5-41-9 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan

Official page:https://www.meson.tokyo

Kento Kajitani (CEO)

Pursued growth hacking, UX design and design consideration support for local startups in India and the United States of America. Upon his return to Japan, founded MESON with Kobayashi Yuki (COO). Authored the most selling growth hacking book in Japan.

For inquiries

MESON, inc.

Email: info@meson.tokyo


Author: VR Reporter

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