High Fidelity Announces Integration of HTC Vive Trackers for Full-body Motion Capture

High Fidelity ( https://www.highfidelity.com ) unveils a new integration between HTC’s Vive Tracker and High Fidelity’s virtual reality platform, enabling full-body motion capture for real-time, social VR experiences.

High Fidelity has implemented Vive Tracker configurations (using between two and eight tracker units) supporting a variety of mocap options. The trackers are integrated with High Fidelity’s existing inverse kinematics (IK) system to create realistic, real-time avatar motion within VR, enabling multiple people to interact live, either one to one or as part of live performances.

“The future for VR will fulfill the promise of completely lifelike communication at any distance,” said Philip Rosedale, CEO, High Fidelity. “With the Vive Trackers, the capture of the detail and nuance of body language is now possible for the first time.”

Within High Fidelity, the Vive Trackers can also be used without the HMD headset, allowing for the largest range of use cases, including musical performances, social interaction, and even acrobatic maneuvers within VR.

As is demonstrated in the videos provided here, when attached to feet, hips, and chest or shoulders, the Vive Trackers can capture the authentic elements of human motion and translate to within a VR experience.

“The Vive Tracker dramatically cuts development time by offering an easy way to capture motion control data within VR,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM US, Vive. “High Fidelity’s investment in motion capture using the trackers will help to further development for a host of VR categories from social applications to entertainment.”

About Vive Trackers: For developers, the Vive Tracker represents a quick and easy way to add motion control to new VR experiences and bring real world objects into VR. Ahead of its consumer launch later this year, developers can purchase the Vive tracker at: https://www.vive.com/us/vive-tracker-for-developer/

About High Fidelity: High Fidelity is a San Francisco-based startup that distributes a scalable, open-source VR platform that enables everyone – performers, educators, makers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts – to create and deploy interconnected social virtual reality environments from their desktop or the cloud. Learn more about High Fidelity at http://highfidelity.com

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