High Fidelity and Doob3D Announce Partnership for Realistic Scanned 3D Avatars

Today, High Fidelity and doob™ announce a partnership to enable the importing of doob™ full body scans into High Fidelity virtual reality environments as fully-rigged user avatars.

To celebrate the achievement, High Fidelity and doob™ will process the first one hundred scheduled virtual doob™ scans into High Fidelity avatars for free. Reservations for in-person scanning can be made at one of doob™’s retail locations (https://www.doob-3d.com/en/connect/locations/). Reference “High Fidelity pipeline” when you call to take advantage of the free avatar offer. Following the initial promotional period, scans to High Fidelity will be available for $450 USD per scan.

Imported scans capture a user’s face, height, and clothing with photorealistic accuracy, providing a new way to create in-world avatars for real-time social virtual reality platforms like High Fidelity.

“We’re excited to open up a whole new form of avatar creation to the VR community,” says Philip Rosedale, High Fidelity’s CEO. “Doob offers VR users the option to ‘upload’ an exact copy of themselves to High Fidelity.”

“High Fidelity is the perfect partner for introducing the virtual doob to the VR community,” says doob USA CEO Michael Anderson. “We look forward to seeing you at our San Francisco, NYC or our other locations around the globe.”

As part of the collaboration, High Fidelity and doob™ have built a pipeline to capture and rig the avatars to work in High Fidelity both with Oculus Rift and with the HTC Vive and Vive Trackers. In the future, users will be able to store more than one instance of their avatar in the cloud, allowing users to change between different photo realistic scans of themselves.

About High Fidelity: High Fidelity is a San Francisco-based startup that distributes a scalable, open-source VR platform that enables everyone – performers, educators, makers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts – to create and deploy interconnected social virtual reality environments from their desktop or the cloud. Learn more about High Fidelity at http://highfidelity.com.

About Doob: Doob™ is a full service 3D technology company, using proprietary imaging and data processing technology to create personalized virtual and physical products and applications. Doob™ was founded in Dusseldorf, Germany with regional HQs in NYC and Tokyo. For more information, visit the doob™ website at https://www.doob-3d.com/en/discover/discover/

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