The Horror! New VR Series Immerses Viewers in the Bone Chilling Action

Just in time for Halloween, new Hollywood-based 360 VR production studio, MANDT VR, released a new originally scripted thriller called “The Depths.”


The 10-episode series set in 1994 follows the dark adventures of the crew of the Wanderlust, a commercial fishing vessel lost at sea. The last known communication was a distress call with only two words…“they’re everywhere.”


All 10 episodes, along with a behind-the-scenes peek into the filming of the series, can be viewed now in 360-video form on YouTube. For viewers with VR headsets (Gear VR, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), we recommend watching “The Depths” as it was meant to be seen in full 360 VR Video via Littlstar.




You can find more information about MANDT VR, the only VR production house focused exclusively on film-quality serialized content, here, and the series, below.


Title: The Depths

Episodes: 10

Director: Dekker Dreyer

Writers: Dekker Dreyer, Sanjit Das

Cast: Matthew Harrison, Lorenzo Eduardo, James St. Vincent, Kelly McMinn

Summary: In 1994 the commercial fishing vessel Wanderlust was lost at sea. Its last known communication was a distress call with only two words… “they’re everywhere”. Uncover the truth in this original scripted VR series.

Director (Dekker Dreyer) Quotes:


“I’m very proud of The Depths. It’s a privilege to be releasing one of the first scripted series in VR. When we were creating the show it just made sense to bring the audience into this dark, claustrophobic world in a way that a traditional film couldn’t.”

“VR is both an actors’ and directors’ medium. You need to trust your performers to really live in their characters. We were so lucky in The Depths to have an incredible cast.”

“The Depths is a dark story. It’s a story about finding hope in a hopeless situation and unravelling a mystery.”


  • The creature is a practical effect.
  • The entire show was filmed in a water tank to add to the realism.
  • The Depths takes place in 1994 because we wanted to grow the feeling of isolation without internet or social media in the story. That inability to communicate helps build the myth.


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