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Daya Knight Has a Little Green Secret Revealed in Virtual Reality!

Even though some of us prefer not to talk about that, it is more than sure that every single person in the world has some secrets covering vulnerable matters that we would rather not to mention – and it is no different amongst professional adult performers from VR Bangers!

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Having that in mind, one of the pioneering VR porn videos’ makers, VR Bangers – the company known worldwide for introducing the 6K ultra high definition resolution to their VR porn experiences as the very first in the business – have just came up with a yet another VR porn scene of theirs, revealing secrets of a beautiful ebony pornstar, Daya Knight.

In My Little Green Secret VR porn scene, Daya will be caught red-handed on doing something most likely illegal in her little laboratory, and since the VRB’s agent will be paying a visit to her alarmed by the neighbors who have had enough of her crazy experiments, now she will have to convince the detective that she is not guilty and there is nothing to hide behind that white curtain.

Obviously, the girl is lying, but with so many assets like her beautiful body, charming looks and out-of-this-world sexual talents and skills, you can lie as much as you want – it is, naturally, if you are willing to pay the price for your deception and you are ready to do whatever it takes to save your situation.

Apparently Daya will not hesitate to do just anything to keep on her little chemical business going – and it might not be another season of Breaking Bad TV series, but, at times, you might feel like VR Bangers got inspired by this popular show.

Although, according to the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers, Xander Jones: “No, when coming up with an idea for this VR porn scene, we have not been inspired by Walter White – yet even though Daya Knight is definitely sexier than Lydia Rodarte-Quayle or Skyler White from the TV series, you might think of our VR porn video as of a loose VR porn interpretation of this world-famous show.”

“We do have a very special category for similar XXX parodies, though,” Producer continues, “and even though My Little Green Secret could be considered one of those, it is not a scene similar to our award-winning Wonder Woman XXX VR porn parody, and it simply has been based on the chemistry-related plot because of the ever-growing needs for new sex fantasies of our always-horny fans and members.”

To experiment on your own and see if this newest VR porn video in 6K ultra high definition will give you an epic boner, you should go to this link – where Daya will be waiting for you 24/7 in her laboratory as long as you have a working pair of VR goggles and an active membership on VRBangers.

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