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How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize The Movie Experience

VR would have an effect on cinema and those who own such businesses wonder how the future will look for them as VR becomes a reality.


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Cinema owners have seen changes in movie technology and since the 1890s, it has posed challenges to revenue as DVDs or TVs have tried to snare market share from the cinema hall owners. Today VR is set to bring about further changes and real time rendering and its effects will force adaptation for cinema as well.


VR Film Festival World Tour & Film Experience Startup

The VR Cinema would soon become reality which is currently the name of a new VR company that offers VR screenings in the city of Amsterdam. However, cinema experience cannot be the same when it comes to VR. It would become a personalized experience. Cinema goes and the art of social interaction, discussions about the movie and sitting together to experience the movies would not be relevant anymore. Kaleidoscope VR is hosting a World Tour for VR film screening, check out the event page.


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Starbreeze is a company that is into head mounted displays and Imax is teaming up with it in order to come up with a supportive experience akin to what they have been delivered to the cinema goers. Cinemas would need to invest in technology that offers VR compatible screening and viewing so that they can stay ahead of consumer based VR accessories that would soon be available in the market.


Arcades with VR technology could also be coming in, such as Vizuality Studio or The Void. These companies are gearing up technology that can offer experiences through body movement. There would be games and experiences where several users can experience a game and physical sets at the same time along with sensory experiences. Here you will find the arcades, cinema and games as well as theaters merging all in one as VR content would incorporate different features and allow one an immersive experience unlike any other.

If you look at the economics of the change in cinemas, while pricing for tickets and floor space requirements would remain the same, people would need more space for VR cinema as they would need to look in different directions and move their heads accordingly. High ceilings would not be required while more space per person would be the altered seating arrangement. In arcades the space needs to be larger. For that reason one might be charged for space and for shorter experiences whose lucrative economic model needs to be looked into.


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Changes We’ll See In The Next 5-10 Years

Cinemas will have VR experiences on offer which will help support and increase revenue for them. VR arcades will rise and be part of the traditional multiplexes and bowling alleys with cinematic and gaming experiences on offer. These will not have many profits to offer, but the setup will be hard to find in any home based VR entertainment unit. VR headsets, TV screens and other streaming services will eat away at the profits of traditional movies and gaming arcades.


Pop cinemas will be in vogue in festivals, cities and countryside Cinemas will evolve with flexible infrastructure being offered for different kinds of movie experiences. There would be movable seating as well as layouts that can be altered as per arcade or cinema style viewing or ones that offer the VR experiences.


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