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HTC Vive Developer Edition Update

HTC Vive Developer Edition is going to be distributed to selected developers free of charge! HTC is taking a different but smarter and more aggressive route than Oculus and Sony Project Morpheus. Oculus has sent their developer’s kit to Kickstarter backers who pledged $350.


On the other hand, Sony Project Morpheus has sent their developer’s kit to selected developers at zero cost, but only on a borrowing term. HTC Vive and Valve Steam VR’s bold move is intended to encourage developers around the world to join, co-create and contribute to the Steam VR platform and game app community. Much like Android’s open source, community-based ecosystem that HTC has long adopted.

HTC Vive Developer Edition Tested By Tested Team At GDC 2015

Here is a video by Tested at GDC 2015, and their hands on test drive impression for the HTC Vive Developer Edition prototype. The Tested crew seem to be very impressed!



We thought it’s an extremely clever decision made by HTC and Valve! By bearing the cost and giving the HTC Vive Developer Edition Kit for free, these qualified and talented developers around the world will have the chance to develop games specifically for Steam VR platform and custom made to fit Vive’s specs and user-interface. Which will definitely help to strengthen and vitalize Steam VR’s app and game community.

Application for free HTC Vive Developer Edition

Valve reportedly had said, that the list of profile for selected developers who will receive the free HTC Vive Developer Edition package will be diverse and extensive. The list is going to include well-known developers, up and coming small VR startup companies, and not so well known developers with a potential to contribute to the VR community.


htc vive developer application request


The application for applying to receive the kit will be available online anytime soon. On HTC VR’s official website there is a “Request A Developer Edition” Tab, currently when you click it, you will be directed to Steam VR’s page. The Valve spokesperson Doug Lombardi has said, that the application could be available online by this or next week.


Exact amount of HTC Vive Developer Edition package that will be distributed is unknown but seem to be limited. If you are a VR app and game developer that wants to be on the list, you can navigate to the “Stay Updated” tab on this page and opt-in your email at here and receive the newest update from HTC.


HTC Vive Consumer Edition Available in 2015

According to Ars Technica, Valve’s spokesperson Doug Lombardi already told Ars Technica that a number of HTC Vive Developer Edition are already in the hands of some game and app developers, the list includes: Owlchemy Labs: (Aaaaaa! For The Awesome), Fireproof Games (The Room), Cloudhead Games (The Gallery), and Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator & I Am Bread)。



HTC Vive Developer Edition specs is among one of the best in the VR industry (1200×1080 pixel and 90Hz refresh rate). According to Steam VR’s official page, the HTC Vive Developer Edition’s package will include a headset, two single-handed wireless controllers, dual base stations. a system that tracks them all in the same absolute space that provides a full-featured, 360° room-scale VR experience.


Image Source: SteamVR Offical Website

Image Source: SteamVR Offical Website


HTC’s Products Marketing Executive Director Jeff Gattis said the consumer edition is scheduled to for release sometime towards the end of 2015. Let’s cross our finger that it will actually happen!


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