HTC Vive Presents Jimmy’s “My World Is All About You” VR Experience @ Taipei International Book Fair

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HTC Vive Presents A Heartwarming Story In Virtual Reality Called “My World Is All About You” At Taipei International Book Fair 2016

 HTC Vive developer edition is starting to ship this month, the company is also launching VR experiences around the world. In February, HTC Vive presented a heartwarming VR experience called “My World Is All About You 我的世界都是你”, in collaboration with popular Taiwanese Children's book illustrator 幾米。 The VR experience took place at Taipei International Book Fair 2016.


When audiences are immersed inside the VR experience, they are invited to feel what the little girl is feeling, the lighthearted story is about the little girl's loss of her favorite black puppy, and how she met a wandering traveler who also can't let go of the past… A lesson for her to learn to deal with the pain that comes in life. 



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“My World Is All About You” VR Experience By 幾米

First, the audiences will see an empty hotel, when the door is knocked, the little girl appears from the illustrated book.  As the story unfolds, the audiences becomes a person accompany the little girl, painting for her, pick up balloon for her. The VR experience is highly interactive, taking the audiences into the magical, illustrated world of Jimmy.



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With Virtual Reality technology, this VR experience took audiences beyond a simple illustrated story as audience are fully immersed inside as a part of the story as they interact with the main character. It's only the beginning for a new medium of storytelling to unfold!


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